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About Jo Yardley

I run the 1920s Berlin Project in Second Life and record a podcast with Draxter Despres.

Berlin Weihnachtsmarkt 1929


Join us for the Berlin Christmas Market on Unter Den Linden this week!

Christmas markets have been a big deal in Germany since the Middle Ages, a great way to stock up for the winter but of course also a good excuse to have a lot of fun.

If you have a shop or business in 1920s Berlin or are part of the community and are a creator you are invited to take charge of a booth, yes, the market opens tomorrow but you can still take part!
A great way to get a bit of extra publicity for what you do or maybe just to sell some stuff you make or get rid of some Gacha stuff!!
Remember though, you have to hurry, get in touch with Lotte von Weiß (lotteweiss resident) ASAP.

Here’s the week’s schedule;

Monday 13th December
• 01:00pm SLT – Market Opening
• 02:00pm SLT – Happy Hour im Weihnachtsmarkt

Tuesday 14th December
• 01:00pm SLT – Kranzler Dinner
• 03:00pm SLT –Musikkorps der Kommandatur Berlin parade

Wednesday 15th December
• 01:00pm SLT – MITROPA Tanzorchester

Thursday 16th December
• 01:00pm SLT – City Tour on Carriage by Solstead

Friday 17th December
• 02:00pm SLT – Adlon’s dinner and Santa in the Adlon by Tequila

Saturday 18th December
• 01:00pmSLT – Cocktail time at Kranzler
• 02:00pm SLT – Eldorado with Stella d’Argenti on Christmas

Sunday 19th December
• 12:00amSLT – Volksschule Hindemburg field trip to Berlin
• 01:00pm SLT – Deutsche Luft Hansa “Rund um Berlin”

Eldorado reopens!


The show must go on.
Eldorado reopens and whether there will be a stage performance or not, we step into a new era in Eldorado’s history since we lost Sonatta – the Star of Berlin.
Max will be at the piano, Myron will play some tunes, and perhaps someone will perform.
Join us for dance and drinks this Saturday, June 19th, 2pm SLT.

Hier ist richtig!

Achtung performers!

Eldorado is looking for you!
Eldorado will reopen on Saturday 19 June 2pm SLT. There will be music and good company, but will there be a stage performance?
Are You interested but you can’t perform every week?
No problem.
For now we’re looking at a rotating schedule for several performers. First of all, Sonatta set a standard how she wanted to have her shows. If you have seen her perform, this may, or may not, be what you have in mind.
We are open to ideas and suggestions.
A few things to consider…What ideas do you have?
Do you have a theme for your show?
Do you want any particular music for your performance?
Or do you prefer to perform without any theme and do your thing?
Do you want a special set built or would you prefer to perform against a more neutral background? Would you build sets?
Do you have clothes, props, and the look for your stage show?
(Keep it classy. Strip is okay but lower parts should be covered.)
Do you have a range of animations you can use?
Do you feel this could be something for you?

If you think you could perform at the Eldorado, please get in touch with Myron Byron inworld via message, or better, by sending a notecard.

1920s Berlin project celebrates its 12th anniversary!


Our 1920s Berlin Project is celebrating that it opened its doors to the public 12 years ago and also that it has been flourishing ever since!

As is tradition, we’re having a week of events to celebrate our birthday and it’s going to be the bee’s knees.

Our anniversary schedule;

  • Sunday 30th May
    2pm Anniversary dance on Pariser Platz
    Hosted by Jo Yardley and DJ Myron Byron.
  • Monday 31st May
    2pm Open stage at the Volkshaus!

    Anyone can participate with any kind of performance, jump on stage, read a poem, sing a song, do a magic trip and let the tip jar overfloweth!
  • Tuesday 1st June
    2pm Berlin Run!
    We’re having a foot-race through Berlin, so put on some good shoes.
    2500, 1000 and 500 L$ reward for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!
  • Wednesday 2nd June
    2pm Opening Biergarten!
    After it’s been shut all winter we can finally enjoy our drink, dance and chat under the stars again.
  • Thursday 3rd June
    2pm Voice Happy Hour

    Voice will be activated in the Biergarten, you don’t have to use your voice if you don’t want to of course, but it might be fun to hear what we all sound like in real life, some may even do a little (drunken) singing!
    3:30pm Supporters & Long Term tenants dinner Special dinner at Restaurant Kranzler ONLY for supporters & long term tenants. Hostess; Jo Yardley
  • Friday 4th June
    2pm Opening brand new location
    Top secret brand new location just outside the city will be revealed.
    Hostess; Charlotte Von Weiß
  • Saturday 5th June
    Noon; public parade
    Parade for and by Berliners, anyone can take part, but it has to be 1920s Berlin themed.
    Represent your workplace, your club, your sport your hobby, walk, use a vehicle, make a float, etc.
    We walk to Parisen Platz and when we arrive there we have a little celebration and then we start…
    Relaxed Rules day!
    After the official start we suspend our 1920s dresscode for 24 hours and everyone in SL is welcome to come explore our sim and join us in crazy going-ons.
    On this day we will also have Open House, which people can open their houses to anyone to visit.
    2pm there will be a beach blanket party at Wannsee lake.

The schedule may change and events may be cancelled, altered or added to this list.
Keep an eye on posts in our Facebook group or inworld group for the latest news.

Riots expected in 1920s Berlin


During the first days of May we will be re-enacting an infamous riot that took place in RL Berlin 1929.

In this blog post you will find information about what is going to happen in our sim and the historical background to the real riots.

blutmai poster kpd may

The 1929 Berlin riots in our Sim

We will try and recreate the real 1929 riots as realistically as we can within the limited options SL offers us.
Our sim is not like the Wild West, we are not a combat sim, so please make sure you know the projects rules and understand them before you take part in the madness of May 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

On May 1st at around 2PM SLT German Communists and sympathizers will gather outside the KPD HQ in the narrow Mieze Gasse, a side street of Friedrichstrasse.
There are rumours that the mayor has given permission for the march, other people may have heard that there is no permission but that the police said they wouldn’t stop the people… but the truth is that the ban on large public gatherings in the open air is still in effect and the police has been ordered to use brute force to stop any groups gathering.
Some of the people walking on the streets today will be hardcore communists, intent on marching and ready to fight.
But some may just be socialists on their way to legal indoor gatherings or innocent bystanders coming to see what is going on and kids just looking for adventure.

The group will march to Friedrichstrasse towards Unter den Linden but when they reach the Volksbad, they will realise that the Police is not going to let them trough.
There they will be confronted by officers who have been ordered to make sure the groups of people will not reach the ‘good’ part of Berlin where all the nice houses and big shops are.

The protesters will be upset, stones and bottles will be thrown and then a shot sounds…
It is unclear who shoots first, but chaos will follow!

blutmai run

On May 2nd at 2PM SLT there is still a state of emergency, but because the Police now has control over Friedrichstrasse the rioters who again gather at the KPD HQ will have to make a new plan.
Will they target the Reichswehr barracks, raid the Amtshaus or try and take Friedrichstrasse back?
They’ll decide on the spot, maybe due to lack of proper leadership the plan will not work as intended and chaos will ensue!
Maybe someone will step up and lead the workers to a victory on the state!

On May 3rd at 2pm SLT the police who are convinced they have control of the city again are taking the battle home to the rioters.
They move into the streets, kick down doors, search houses, hunting for those involved with the riots, known trouble makers or people they have an old score to settle with.

As you can see we’re having 3 events on all the 3 days of the rioting at 3 different locations.

For these three days all other events will officially be cancelled (although some places may let people in through the backdoor…), police and protesters will play a cat and mouse game, houses can be searched, Berlin is a city of fear.

The police will block off part of the city, patrol, check people and will open fire at houses with red flags and people gathering.
Please be prepared to be hassled by them, even questioned.
If you don’t want to be part of this you may have to avoid the city or at least the working class district (west of Unter Den Linden) for a few days.
Now may be a good moment to take that holiday with those friends in Tiergarten park.

Communists and other rioters will walk around with red flags and build their own barricades.
Shots will be fired, avatars may die.

For these 3 days Berlin will be in a state of emergency.
Follow police orders or face the consequences.

What to do

First you choose a side, do you want to be a protester, part of the law enforcement side, a medic or simply a bystander.
Keep in mind that you can’t just pretend to be a soldier, nurse or police officer, you’ll have to sign up, invest in an uniform, weapon, etc.

If you choose to be a rioter, remember that you are NOT allowed to use a gun unless you’ve been given permission!
During the real 1929 riots there were very few guns involved besides the ones used by the police, we want to make our riots more realistic even if that means there is no balance between the two sides and it won’t be a fair fight.
We’re going for historical accuracy here.
Of course, not having a gun does not mean you can’t have a weapon.
You can use sticks, stones, knives, etc.
Marketplace has many RP weapons that allow you to fight with someone, hit them with a club, stab them, etc.

We will NOT be using a HUD, in stead we’re using the old basic SL damage system.
Being shot will teleport you back to a spot you’ve set as home.
You may want to consider setting a neutral spot in Berlin as your home for these days, if you haven’t already.
Or even better and more realistic, set your home to near the hospital.

Hopefully we can try the Linden Lab Experience based system next year!

Of course this means that this year the emphasis will be more on roleplay than on combat and if you get wounded and teleported back home, it is up to you to decide if you want to run straight back to the battle or want to go to the hospital and RP getting help with your injuries.

Remember that if you choose to roleplay a brutal dramatic and very public death, it will be very difficult for your avatar to explain returning to Berlin after the riots, it may also be quite tricky to explain why you, as a high society fancy lady were seen dressed in working class clothes fighting for communism.
Just like it is also a stretch of the imagination to see your neighbour who is generally just a lazy playboy suddenly as a tough police officer.
For these reasons it is highly advisable to create an alternate avatar, an alt, just for these riots.
That way you don’t have to worry about any repercussions like losing your job, losing friends, having to go to jail and losing your home or having to live without a leg!
Of course having an alt can also be useful if you want to go have a wild party at the brothel without ruining your reputation or upsetting your wife….

blutmai arrest

Please remember that most common people  would not own guns, they would use whatever they could find to throw at the police and of course some would use knives.
There are some rather interesting weapons available on marketplace that use animations and can knock your opponent out, like the truncheon the police uses.
And those work even without rezzing permissions which your alt probably won’t have.

People who play gangster, who start shooting like crazy, who ruin roleplay, who use modern or weapons we don’t allow, risk being kicked out of the sim and even (temporarily) banned.
Again; an interesting history based roleplay event is what we have in mind, not a crazy shoot-em-up.

Another tip would be to look for wounded tattoo layers, bloody bandages or other things like that to make yourself look the part when things go wrong.
It adds to the realism and you can’t be sure you like the stuff you can get at our hospital, if there is anything at all.

Join the KPD group to communicate with the other revolutionaries.

We hope to see you here on May 1st as part of the communists, the police, the navy, the army, the medical staff or as a bystander.
Please remember that if you have not been to Berlin before, that we have a strict 1920s dress code.

blutmai officer

The REAL 1929 may riots of 1929

Demonstrations in the open air without special permission have been illegal since 1924 in Germany but this rarely caused any serious problems.
But by 1929 the political tension in Germany had heated up so much that trouble was brewing.
At the end of 1928 Adolf Hitler’s public speech ban was lifted and he had started agitating the situation in the country right away, causing even more street fighting and several deaths.
The Berlin Police President Karl Friedrich Zörgiebel then reinforced the ban on all public open air gatherings of a political nature in Berlin.
When in April 1929 the Communist Party (KPD) started calling workers to come to the May day rally, it was announced that this public gathering ban would also be valid on may the 1st.
The communists were furious and threatened to have their rally anyway.
The police started preparing for riots and street fighting, extra troops were called in. On April the 30th the KPD handed out leaflets claiming the political gathering ban had been lifted, but it was not.

There were also rumours going around the city that the police would look the other way and ignore the marchers, they would not.

On May 1st thousands of Berliners started gathering and went on their way to the center.
For them this May day was more important then usual.
At this time the newspapers were full of the trial around the murder of revolutionary leaders Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht in 1919 and it seemed that the murderers would be very mildly punished, people were angry.
They also wanted to celebrate their 10th anniversary of the Komintern.
To add to all this, the government of Germany was led by the Social Democratic Party, a left wing party.

Having a party with who the Communists shared several ideologies but also be their oldest and perhaps biggest opponent, tell the KPD they couldn’t march was like rubbing salt into a wound. And of course the Nazi’s were growing and becoming louder and more aggressive all the time, it sometimes seemed like they were not being stopped by anyone while the Communists were not allowed to do anything.
The communists were furious, the city was tense.

blutmai police

The City Council told people that they were permitted and celebrate May Day but only indoors.
Many people did just that, having huge gatherings in halls and public buildings.
But others did not receive that information or just felt they had to right to march outside.

When the police saw large groups of people marching trough Berlin with red flags and armbands, they took action.
They attacked people with batons, used water cannons and warning shots were fired.
The Social Democrats had followed the outdoor gathering ban and had had their may day meetings indoors but unfortunately they had to go outside to go there and to return home.
After his return home from such a meeting Max Gmeinhardt was shot when he didn’t close his window fast enough when the police ordered him to.
Other groups of innocent bystanders, civilians and Socialists simply going to or returning from permitted gatherings were set upon by the police.
With now also the social democrats, workers and poor people in general becoming furious, the conflict escalated rapidly.
In the afternoon barricades were erected to make it harder for Police cars to reach certain areas.
In the evening the police started using armoured vehicles with machine guns, only meant to be used when the police was fired upon.
Police start shooting at houses with red flags.

On May 2nd the KPD called people to go on strike as a reply to the police violence.
On May 2nd and may 3rd the police combed trough the working class areas, searched houses and arrested countless people.

In total 33 demonstrators, workers and bystanders had been killed by the police, most of those on just the first day and at least 80 were seriously injured. The Berlin police, under control of the supposedly pro-labour social democratic government, had fired a total of 11,000 rounds of live ammunition.
This incident, remembered in the German language as Blutmai (“Blood May”) deepened the split between the SPD and the Communist Party, which indirectly helped the German right wing parties and the eventual rise of the Nazi Party in the German parliament.

blutmai barricade

Stiftung von Weiss Photo Contest


Stiftung von Weiss Photo Contest

Rules for Entry:
Take up to two(2) photographs, in which the subject is Berlin 1920’s in Second LIfe featuring life during Weimarer Republik. There is no registration fee and it is open to all who wish to participate, roleplayers and visitors. Organisation and sponsors can not participate in contest but they’re free to expose their work. The top three photos will win an economical prize. (see below for prize details):


  • 1st prize: 10.000 $L
  • 2nd prize: 5.000 $L.
  • 3rd prize: 2.500 $L

Rules for selection:
Winners will be selected by three judges, selected from among the Stiftung von Weiss and sim management, who will not participate in the contest to help select the best photos from the entries. They will be looking for the top three photos from all the participants. Only one photo from each creator will be eligible to be in the top three, giving everyone two chances to win!

  • 1st. The picture must be entirely original and not a photo of other person’s works (no plagiarism).
  • 2nd. Photographs are to be sent privately and not to be displayed (described, shown, given out) BY THE CREATOR before the contest results are announced. (discovered violations will lead to disqualification)
  • 3rd. Photo has not have to be published before.
  • 3rd. You are on the honor system and expected to act and behave respectfully to everyone involved.

Submission Dates:

  • May 5th to May 28th

Judging will be held from:

  • May 30th to June 2nd,

Photo Exhibition

  • On Berlin Anniversary.

Content Qualifications:
• Photos must feature daily life,

• Photographs will not be accepted after the May 28th at 12:00 PM SLT.

• All entries must be sent t to Charlotte Freiin von Weiss (lotteweiss.resident) inworld or by Facebook on private message (

• Only photos submitted with FULL PERMISSIONS (Copy, Modify, and Transfer) will be considered.

Further rules and exceptions include but are not limited to the following:

All photos submitted to the contest become the property of the Stiftung vo Weiss to be used at their own discretion. Creators and participants of all photographs agree not to claim copyright or creative licenses of any kind of any photos submitted.

Participation in this competition implies acceptance of these rules. Before submitting any questions about the contest, one ought to refer to this rule sheet first.

If a problem arises that is not addressed in this article, it will be brought to the attention of the management and dealt with in a swift and just fashion.

Charlotte Freiin von Weiss
Präsidentin der Stiftung von Weiss für Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte

Sonatta Morales


On the 20th of April I received the terrible and frankly heart breaking news that Sonatta Morales has died in RL.

A little over two weeks go she was feeling unwell, told me she was having a headache.
That of course didn’t stop her from performing at her Eldorado club in 1920s Berlin, after all, the phrase ‘the show must go on’ was etched into her soul.
But she didn’t come back online and a few days later I was contacted by her RL friends who informed me that her headache turned out to be something more serious, a lot more serious.
She was taken to hospital and today she died.

Her last days were peaceful and she was surrounded by loved ones when she passed away.

To me personally Sonatta, above anything else, was my best friend who I will miss in ways I can’t describe in words.
We were always talking about meeting up in RL, but now we never will.

But she was so much to so many.
In the vintage, retro and history scene of Second Life she was a celebrity, her glamorous clothes could be seen at many sims and all the best events.
In 1920s Berlin she ran the Eldorado Cabaret, setting up a brand new show every single Saturday for an adoring audience.
In Time Portal she danced on stage at Mama Bao’s club to an adoring crowd.
She became a star and as well as a brand.
People were bragging about owning “an early Morales design” and I reckon Sonatta would have loved it to know that her clothes will remain a familiar sight in Second Life for a long time to come.

When I first had the idea for 1920s Berlin it was Sonatta who gave me inspiration and courage to do it, she fell in love with the idea right away and loved Berlin as much, perhaps in some ways even more than I do.
Without it our community may not have even existed.
She was Berlin, Berlin was Sonatta, our community will never be the same again.

But as Sonatta would have said; The show must go on.

We said goodbye to Sonatta during a wild party at the Eldorado and during a solemn ceremony at the memorial garden in Tiergarten park.

Auf wiedersehen Sonatta, you’ll always have a suitcase in berlin.

Berliner Hauptzeit!


Many visitors but also locals & regulars often visit Berlin, look around for a bit, see if anyone is there and if nothing is going on they leave again.
We have regular events and plenty to do but sometimes we just want to be in a place with other people doing their thing.

For this reason we’re starting ‘Berliner Hauptzeit’, which means something like Prime-time or peak-time in Berlin.
The idea is that we choose a 3 hour window for Berlin when people are welcome to just be there.
You can choose to simply hang out in your home, you can wander the streets, stand guard by the barracks, work in one of the shops, have dinner at a restaurant, go to church, go see a film at the cinema, visit friends for cup of Kaffee, chat with your neighbours or set up a massive roleplay scene with others.
What’s important is that it doesn’t really matter what you do or how you spend these three hours, but that you know that the odds of there being other people in your neighbourhood are high.
That you can come to Berlin and just know there will be friends, foes and strangers and you won’t be the only one in the sim.

So, Berliner Hauptzeit will be EVERY Sunday from 1 PMSLT to 4 PMSLT from now on.
You are of course more than welcome to show up earlier and stay later.
This will include our weekly Freebie zeit at Der Keller Tanzlokal.
To put it simply; there will be one hour before and one hour after our regular drinking, dancing and chatting for people to simply be in the city.
Again; you’re not expected to do anything but you’re invited and encouraged to just be there and bring some extra life to our neighbourhood for a few hours a week.

Bis Sonntag!

Rain in Berlin


Just before winter strikes, rain reached Berlin.
It goes on for days, making life miserable for many but also cleaning the dirty old city, preparing her for the white blanket of winter.

It will rain in our sim till Christmas eve and then it will start to snow.
Enjoy the autumn look of our city and the neighbouring Tiergarten park.
Setting it up has taken a LOT of time and work but I think it was worth the annual effort.

Come and enjoy this weather while you can, before the city turns white with snow.
Although it doesn’t make Berlin any less laggy, it does make it look amazing and brings with it some fantastic photo opportunities and gallons of atmosphere.

The rain consists of mesh blocks with weather textures on them, they may get in the way of things you want to click, such as doors.
Try getting as close to the door as possible, zoom in or if all that fails, right click in stead of left click.

If your computer finds it all a bit too much and SL slows down beyond what you find acceptable, turn down your draw distance.
And don’t worry, I will only turn the system on a few days and it won’t rain or snow too often.
After Christmas the weather will be removed again to cut down on lag and prim usage.

1920s Berlin Project’s display at SL17B


As (almost) every year our community will again be represented at Second Life’s 17th anniversary celebrations.

We have re-created a little corner of our sim for people to enjoy, one of the few escapes away from the busy city available to 1920s Berliners, both rich and poor.
The Wannsee Lido (an open air swimming pool and beach) was created for the people of Berlin who needed a little break.

Thousands of families would spend their summer weekends playing on the beach, swimming, having a drink, relaxing and not thinking about their daily troubles or the dark clouds on the horizon that would drag the world into disaster in the 1930s.

So! Have a look around, check out the historical details, try out our beach chairs, have a swim and take a little break from the madness called SL17B 😉
(free swimsuits on the bench by the info sign)

The whole exhibit was build by Berliners Beolas Whitfield & Florian Blaisdale who did an excellent job which is much appreciated.

Join us every day (except Saturdays) at 2pm SLT for the first week of celebrations (June 19-July 10) when the people of Berlin come over for a drink, dance and chat.

You can find the 1920s Berlin Wannsee here as soon as the regions open to the public;

1920s Berlin celebrates its 11th anniversary!


It is that time of the year again, our roleplaying community is celebrating its anniversary!

Yes it has been 11 years since the 1920s Berlin project opened its dingy smelly filthy backstreets to the public and as we’re still thriving, this occasion should be celebrated, again.

As is tradition, we’re having a week of events to celebrate our birthday and it’s going to be the bee’s knees.

Our anniversary schedule;

  • Saturday 30th May
    Anniversary dance on Pariser Platz
    Performance by Sonatta Morales and DJ Myron Byron.
  • Sunday 31st May
    2pm Flapperettes Black and White Ball

    Hostess;Tequila Krovac
    With Flapperettes dance troupe performance!
  • Monday 1st June
    2pm Opening Biergarten
    Der Keller’s daily happy hour moves outside for the season.
  • Tuesday 2nd June
    2pm Wannsee picnic
    Host; Florian Blaisdale
  • Wednesday 3rd June
    2pm Voice Happy Hour & Open stage
    Voice will be activated in the Biergarten en a small stage built, people can perform for tips.
    Supporters & Long Term tenants dinner Special dinner at Restaurant Kranzler ONLY for supporters & long term tenants. Hostess; Jo Yardley
  • Thursday 4th June
    1pm Kids day!
    Special events for the youngest Berliner!
    A bicycle ride through the city, followed by a go-cart race and finally a street party in front of the orphanage on Alexanderplatz.
    Hosted by Frau und Herr Winter
  • Friday 5th June
    Noon; public parade
    Parade for and by Berliners, anyone can take part, but it has to be 1920s Berlin themed.
    Represent your workplace, your club, your sport your hobby, walk, use a vehicle, make a float, etc.
    We walk to Parisen Platz and when we arrive there we have a little celebration and then we start…
    Relaxed Rules day!
    After the official start we suspend our 1920s dresscode for 24 hours and everyone in SL is welcome to come explore our sim and join us in crazy going-ons.
    On this day we will also have Open House, which people can open their houses to anyone to visit.

The schedule may change and events may be cancelled, altered or added to this list.
Keep an eye on posts in our Facebook group or inworld group for the latest news.

11th anniversary poster