‘Second Life’ gives you the opportunity to travel in time, virtually.
Berlin in the 1920s was a very interesting time, politically, culturally and in many other ways.

In 2009 Jo Yardley joined Second Life, realised its potential and started The 1920s Berlin project; a virtual recreation of a 1920s Berlin neighbourhood.
Together with the supper and knowledge of new friends and more experienced time travellers the building began.

We wanted to try and recreate the atmosphere of this fantastic city in that amazing era. Our ideal was to show an as realistic and authentic as possible experience
of visiting this part of history.
Most historical sims show a somewhat romanticised, clean andcharming view of the past where everyone lives in big houses and walks around in lovely clothes all the time.
They offer the past up as they would have liked it to be.

We wanted to show our visitors both sides of the coin; the amazing modern houses near Unter Den Linden where modern rich people in the latest fashion live a life of leasure, but also the dirty, narrow streets with tiny apartments where the poor try to survive.
The 1920s Berlin Project offers you the chance to explore these two different worlds and even become part of one, or both of them.
Spend your evening dancing in the mirror room of the luxerious Hotel Adlon or spend it in a damp basement Tanzlokal where they have lukewarm beer in dirty glasses.

Want to visit?
Join Second Life and click the link below;


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