Rain in Berlin


Just before winter strikes, rain reached Berlin.
It goes on for days, making life miserable for many but also cleaning the dirty old city, preparing her for the white blanket of winter.

It will rain in our sim till Christmas eve and then it will start to snow.
Enjoy the autumn look of our city and the neighbouring Tiergarten park.
Setting it up has taken a LOT of time and work but I think it was worth the annual effort.

Come and enjoy this weather while you can, before the city turns white with snow.
Although it doesn’t make Berlin any less laggy, it does make it look amazing and brings with it some fantastic photo opportunities and gallons of atmosphere.

To enjoy the weather at its best, make sure you update your media players and turn it on (by clicking the little camera in the right hand corner of your screen) so you can also hear the rain and not just see it.

If your computer finds it all a bit too much and SL slows down beyond what you find acceptable, turn down your draw distance.
And don’t worry, next month the weather system will be removed again.

You can visit Berlin by clicking here.


Stricter opium laws for Berlin!


From tomorrow onwards the laws on drugs in Germany have become a lot stricter.

The use of opium, cocaine and Arabic tobacco has gotten out of hand and situations similar to the infamous opium houses in the East are now familiar in our own big cities.

Although most opiates were already only availabe with a doctors prescription there is also a huge black market and the use of several drugs is very popular amongst almost all layers of the population.
This will now have to end.

You will now need a doctors prescription for all the drugs mentioned below but those who use or sell them without risk a harsh punishment, such as a hefty fine or even jail time.

The police will also start looking for opium dens and clubs and bars where drugs are often used in public, and close these down.

Now in detail the new law;

Opiumgesetzes vom 10. Dezember 1929
(RGBl. I S. 215) listet § 1 Abs. 1


From the 10th of december onwards it will be illegal to buy, sell, own or use the following products:

Kokablätter (cacao leaves)
Kokain (cocaine)
Ekgonin (Ecgonine)
Indischer Hanf (indian hemp)
Diacetylmorphins (Heroins)
Kokains und Ekgonins.

Some of these products may still be obtained at the Apotheke (pharmacy) trough a prescription from your doctor.

If you break the law you can be fined and even jailed.
Approximate fines and punishments;
-Being caught buying them can get you fined 150L$
-Selling these products can get you fined 500L$
-Owning one of the aboce substances can get you fined 250L$
-Being caught using, or having used them recently, can get you arrested for at least one night in the cell.

'Koks' Emil, selling drugs on the street, Berlin  1929

‘Koks’ Emil, selling drugs on the street, Berlin 1929

Loki Eliot opens Urchin shop in Berlin


Loki Eliot is well known in Second Life, especially amongst kids and time travellers.

He makes some of the best avatars, clothing and props for kids that you can get, especially if you’re living in the past.

We now have one of his Urchin shops in our Berlin sim and his wonderful late 19th, early 20th century outfits are very well suited for the dark and narrow streets of our city and best of all, some of the clothes look really good on adults too!
It is not uncommon to see adults and even the elderly wander around the neighbourhood in a ‘Timerascal’ outfit.

So, come on over and have a look at all the wonderful stuff for sale at the Urchin shop on Am Nussbaumstrasse 8!



Busy weekend ahead in 1920s Berlin


This weekend, 10 & 11th of October, will be a great time to visit 1920s Berlin (again) as we’ll have a nice lineup of events set up.

The entire weekend;

Open house in Tiergarten Park.
In this affluent part of Berlin the rich and famous open their villas and luxurious houses to the common people and tourists.
If you see an ‘Open house’ sign by the entrance, feel free to go inside and look around.
If you don’t, stay out, they may have scary dogs.


11am SLT: 11 Uhr Tee at Hotel Adlon.
A chance to dress up and enjoy a nice bit of cake, drink Tea or Coffee and have a dance while listening to music.

14pm SLT: The annual Autumn Ball! Join us for a formal masquerade ball at the Hotel Adlon! Famous vintage DJ Myron Byron will provide the music.


2pm SLT: Our weekly Freebie hour at Der Keller Tanzlokal, every visitor gets a free 1920s themed gift!


Saying goodbye to Adele


Adele Kling, one of our long term tenants, community member and friend, died in real life recently.

To celebrate her life and say goodbye we decided to organise a gathering outside her Fotostudio for the 1920s Berlin community but also her friends from outside the city.

Picture by Gustav von Rosenheim

Picture by Gustav von Rosenheim

It was a wonderful and emotional moment, made even more special by knowing that her family was observing the ceremony in on a computer in RL, as it happened.
This way we could show them how important Adele had been to us.

I think it says something about Adele that we pretty much filled the sim with visitors that afternoon.

She would have loved it.

The flowers have now been removed and life is getting back to normal.

But I’ve decided to build a little memorial garden in Tiergarten Park where we can be alone with our thoughts and remember our absent friends.

You can see the pictures I took by clicking here.

And please, make sure you have something set up for when it happens to you, find a way to let those you leave behind in Second Life know you’ve passed away so we can mourn and say goodbye in stead of wonder whatever happened to you.


The passing of one of our own, Adele Kling.


AdeleOne of Berlin’s long time locals has sadly passed away in real life.

Today it was confirmed that Adele Kling has died.

Adele joined us in 2010 and pretty soon became part of the furniture, she was a wonderful and kind person who made many friends.

She loved our city and its community and her photo studio soon became a much loved location where she took our pictures but also organised wonderful exhibits about art and photography.


Adele truly was a Berliner and she will be greatly missed by all.
Berlin really meant a lot to her but she also meant a lot to us.

We’re very sad to hear of Adele’s passing and wish her and her family strength.

Adele will remain part of 1920s Berlin as I’ve decided that I won’t rename her photo studio and will also not rent it out to anyone else.
Fotostudio Kling will remain part of our community in one way or another.

If you want to send a card or flowers, contact me inworld for the address to send them to.
Or if you want you can make a donation to the meter with her portrait at our teleportplatz and we’ll send flowers.

Berliner, there will be a wake at the Biergarten at 2pm SLT today.
There will also be a memorial service, time and location will be announced later.

Bon Voyage Berliner.

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The Eldorado Cabaret celebrates its 4th anniversary!

Picture by Jelena Matova

Picture by Jelena Matova

In 1925 (2011) the infamous Eldorado Kabarett opened its doors to the public for the first time.
A place that would embody the wild, free and bohemian spirit of our city.

With the well known designer Sonatta Morales at the helm our Cabaret soon became one of the most popular spots in Berlin.
Every Saturday she builds a set, choreographs a dance and puts a costume together for a different show every week!


This Saturday at 2pm we’ll have a special 4th anniversary show, everybody is welcome as long as you’re wearing 1920s clothes and have a realistic avatar.
And just like in the 1920s; cross dressing is encouraged.

Just like the real Eldorado, our place is a safe haven for gays, transvestites and of course straight people as well.
Back then Berlin was probably the only place where you could have a place be this public about what went on inside, the Eldorado was so famous it was promoted to tourists as a place you must visit and magazines published photo spreads.
A kind of freedom and tolerance almost unheard of in the rest of the world at that time and sadly still not that generally accepted today.

Berlin: Das Vergnügungsetablissement "Eldorado" an der Ecke Motz- und Kalckreuthstraße. (Aufn.: 1932) 12933-32

Berlin: Das Vergnügungsetablissement “Eldorado” an der Ecke Motz- und Kalckreuthstraße. (Aufn.: 1932)

The real life Eldorado, Tanzlokale für Herren was an openly gay and transvestite friendly bar situated at the corner of Motzstraße and Kalckreuthstraße from 1926 to 1933.

It is referred to in countless novels and guide books over the years, including those by Christopher Isherwood, well known for writing “Goodbye to Berlin” and the musical and movie;”Cabaret”.
Eldorado became immensely popular and a centre of attraction for homosexuals, transvestites, transsexuals and open-minded people, among whom numerous artists and writers.
In the late 1920s it was considered the most fashionable nightclub in Berlin.
The cabaret shows and the refined atmosphere of the nightclub (in which is was difficult to distinguish the boundary between “male” and “female”) became legendary, and were immortalized by artists such as Otto Dix.
Eldorado is even mentioned in the first German-language recording of a song featuring an openly gay love affair in 1929, ‘Am Sonntag will mein Süßer mit mir Segeln geh’n’.


It featured regular performances by the likes of Marlene Dietrich, Paul O’Montis, Claire Waldoff and the Weintraub Syncopators, and was widely known to be a regular venue for transvestites and transexuals.
Customers could buy ‘chips’ to exchange for dances with the ‘performers’ who would then compare to see who got the most tokens and thus was most popular.
Of course it was most fun if a man gave a token to a transvestite thinking it was a woman.

In February of 1933, the Berlin Chief of Police announced a “comprehensive campaign against Berlin’s depraved nightlife” and brought forward the closing time of all “amusements with dancing of the homosexual kind’” to 10 O’clock.
Shortly afterwards Hermann Goering ordered the closure of a raft of premises and the Eldorado was raided and closed down.
The premises was then taken over by the Nazis and used as a local headquarters.


The writers and artists that had made the cabaret shows unique underwent brutal persecution by the regime. Many of them were arrested and deported to the concentration camps.
Others committed suicide in order to escape the torturers, and others took refuge in the United States.
Ending the golden age of art, culture and tolerance in Berlin for several decades.

But being the wild and free spirited city she is, Berlin today is (almost) back to her former glory.

In Second Life you can join us and try and experience that wonderful moment in history when the exotic nights at the Eldorado seemed to go on for ever.

http://www.everyonegroup.com/files/eldorado.pdf http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eldorado_(Berlin)

Picture by Jelena Matova

Picture by Jelena Matova