The Eldorado Cabaret celebrates its 4th anniversary!

Picture by Jelena Matova

Picture by Jelena Matova

In 1925 (2011) the infamous Eldorado Kabarett opened its doors to the public for the first time.
A place that would embody the wild, free and bohemian spirit of our city.

With the well known designer Sonatta Morales at the helm our Cabaret soon became one of the most popular spots in Berlin.
Every Saturday she builds a set, choreographs a dance and puts a costume together for a different show every week!


This Saturday at 2pm we’ll have a special 4th anniversary show, everybody is welcome as long as you’re wearing 1920s clothes and have a realistic avatar.
And just like in the 1920s; cross dressing is encouraged.

Just like the real Eldorado, our place is a safe haven for gays, transvestites and of course straight people as well.
Back then Berlin was probably the only place where you could have a place be this public about what went on inside, the Eldorado was so famous it was promoted to tourists as a place you must visit and magazines published photo spreads.
A kind of freedom and tolerance almost unheard of in the rest of the world at that time and sadly still not that generally accepted today.

Berlin: Das Vergnügungsetablissement "Eldorado" an der Ecke Motz- und Kalckreuthstraße. (Aufn.: 1932) 12933-32

Berlin: Das Vergnügungsetablissement “Eldorado” an der Ecke Motz- und Kalckreuthstraße. (Aufn.: 1932)

The real life Eldorado, Tanzlokale für Herren was an openly gay and transvestite friendly bar situated at the corner of Motzstraße and Kalckreuthstraße from 1926 to 1933.

It is referred to in countless novels and guide books over the years, including those by Christopher Isherwood, well known for writing “Goodbye to Berlin” and the musical and movie;”Cabaret”.
Eldorado became immensely popular and a centre of attraction for homosexuals, transvestites, transsexuals and open-minded people, among whom numerous artists and writers.
In the late 1920s it was considered the most fashionable nightclub in Berlin.
The cabaret shows and the refined atmosphere of the nightclub (in which is was difficult to distinguish the boundary between “male” and “female”) became legendary, and were immortalized by artists such as Otto Dix.
Eldorado is even mentioned in the first German-language recording of a song featuring an openly gay love affair in 1929, ‘Am Sonntag will mein Süßer mit mir Segeln geh’n’.


It featured regular performances by the likes of Marlene Dietrich, Paul O’Montis, Claire Waldoff and the Weintraub Syncopators, and was widely known to be a regular venue for transvestites and transexuals.
Customers could buy ‘chips’ to exchange for dances with the ‘performers’ who would then compare to see who got the most tokens and thus was most popular.
Of course it was most fun if a man gave a token to a transvestite thinking it was a woman.

In February of 1933, the Berlin Chief of Police announced a “comprehensive campaign against Berlin’s depraved nightlife” and brought forward the closing time of all “amusements with dancing of the homosexual kind’” to 10 O’clock.
Shortly afterwards Hermann Goering ordered the closure of a raft of premises and the Eldorado was raided and closed down.
The premises was then taken over by the Nazis and used as a local headquarters.


The writers and artists that had made the cabaret shows unique underwent brutal persecution by the regime. Many of them were arrested and deported to the concentration camps.
Others committed suicide in order to escape the torturers, and others took refuge in the United States.
Ending the golden age of art, culture and tolerance in Berlin for several decades.

But being the wild and free spirited city she is, Berlin today is (almost) back to her former glory.

In Second Life you can join us and try and experience that wonderful moment in history when the exotic nights at the Eldorado seemed to go on for ever.


Picture by Jelena Matova

Picture by Jelena Matova

1920s Berlin kid needs your help after RL house fire


One of Berlin’s favourite streetkids has experienced one of the most awful things in real life I can imagine; a house fire.

Although everyone managed to escape in the nick of time and nobody was wounded, the house and most of their belongings were pretty much trashed.

skylerAt the moment Skyler Gant (RL name Mark) and his mom are staying in a hotel, having almost nothing left except the clothes they were wearing when they escaped, their phones and the cat.

The 1920s Berlin community is a strong one and when we don’t see certain of our neighbours for a while we get worried, when they have a celebration in RL we’re happy for them and when something bad happend in RL we try to help.
Skyler has been with us for a very long time and we know him as a wonderful sweet kid both in SL and RL, although also rather cheeky and naughty in SL :)

Often we do this in our own personal way, but this time we felt we had to get together as a society, not just us in Berlin but everyone who knows Skyler, those of us who’ve experienced what he is going trough and just everyone in Second Life who feels for him and his family and wants to do something.

Us virtual neighbours need to look out for each other, not just in Berlin but all of SL.

At the moment Skyler and his family have nothing, they are living in a hotel and are in desperate need for clothing and other first necessities.

If you live in the vicinity and feel like bringing him some clothes or whatever you think may be of use to him, let me know and I can send on the message to him.
They are staying in Willowbrook, near Chicago, Illinois.
His shirt size is Large, his pant size is 34 waist / 32 leg, his shoe size is US 10.5. His mother’s shirt size is Medium and her dress/pant size is a US size 6.

But if you are in the opportunity to send some money his way, it would also be much appreciated, no matter how small the amount.

Second Life is build on tips and donations, lets see if we can rebuild something in RL the same way.

There is this GoFundMe page here where you can make donations with your credit card, click the logo below to go to his page on that website;

go fund me

There are other options for those of us who don’t want to use a credit card or don’t have one.

You can visit the tip jar I’ve set up at the Teleport area in 1920s Berlin.
There is no need to change clothes or avatar to visit that area.
All money donated there will be send to Skyler in RL asap.

Another option is to buy Skyler a giftcard from Target, the second-largest retailer in the United States, they allow more payment options.
Contact me if you want Skyler’s email address for this, I’d rather not share it in public here.
Click the logo below to check out the options;

Target logo

Skyler will probably not be able to join us in Second Life for a while, so sending him messages or Linden dollars inworld may not be the best help for the urgent situation he is in.
Paying the rent for him is also not needed in 1920s Berlin, I’ve taken care of that.
Of course sending gifts, vouchers and donations to his avatar will be a welcome surprise for when he returns but at the moment helping him in RL is more needed.


SL12b is here, join us at Second Life’s 12th birthday celebrations


The media is very excited about virtual reality, telling everyone its finally coming and that soon we’ll all be having the most wonderful adventures in digital worlds.

Yet some of us have been enjoying virtual reality for years… in Second Life!

Today Second Life, the biggest online 100% user created virtual world, is celebrating its 12th birthday!

And it is being celebrated with over 200 exhibits on 15 full regions!

There are 5 very impressive stages with interviews, performances, shows, etc.
Over 700 performers and speakers!

There will be several interviews with Lindens and I’ll be co-hosting one of them, so make sure not to miss those.

There is a lot more information on what to see and where on the official SL12B website, make sure you check it out by clicking here.

This year’s theme for the SL12B Community Celebration is “What Dreams May Come.

In our SL12B display we are giving you a little taste of what our sim has to offer by showing you a Berlin street, however all is not as it seems.
The entire street is part of a dream, the kind of dream that comes to us all sooner or later in our lives; nostalgia.
That homesick kind of feeling, those both happy and sad memories that take you back to your childhood years and flood your emotions with ‘what if’s and ‘if only’s.

At the entrance of our sim you see an elderly gentleman, he is looking at the photoalbum of his youth, back when he grew up in Berlin.
And as he in a melancholic manner thinks back to his school days, the playing in the street, his childhood comrades, the poverty, their small apartment above the hairdresser, he starts to day dream, the photos from the album, from his past come alive and as they fly free from the pages we can enter the photo of his street and see the place where he grew up.

We hope you drop by and have a look around,  enjoy exploring our street, feel free to look inside houses with open doors and join us for our daily (every day the first week of SL12B) Happy Hour in the Biergarten.

Beer is lukewarm but cheap!

You can find us by clicking here; The 1920s Berlin Project at SL12B

Thank you Uccello Poultry and Doc Gascoigne for helping me find granddad.


Relaxed Rules day in 1920s Berlin


As part of our 6th anniversary celebrations we are organising a so called ‘Relaxed Rules Day’.

As you may know, Berlin has a dress code, we ask all our visitors to look realistic and authentic for the theme of our sim.
But now and then we decide to relax these rules to give new people a chance to explore our sim even if they don’t feel like dressing up or having a realistic avatar.

So, on Relaxed Rules Day we will NOT be asking people to dress in the 1920s style and we will be welcoming avatars such as furries, tinies, demons, fantasy animals, etc.
The only rules we will be enforcing are that we will not accept public nudity or Nazi related behaviour and dress.
Of course anyone bothering or harassing people will also be send home.

This may be a good day to show Berlin to your friends who have not been here before and may feel a bit intimidated by our rules or roleplay.

We will also allow flying on this day so you can see the city from a whole new angle.

Warning; the regular people of Berlin often use this day to go a little crazy and do all those things they are normally not allowed.
If you are one of those Berliners, please keep an eye on what you’re rezzing, we don’t have THAT many spare prims, so don’t use this day to rez 100 prim limousines, etc.

Have fun and remember, this is a great excuse to bring some of your SL friends to Berlin who have not been before!

Our regular events will continue on this day.
At 14:00 we’ll have our daily Happy Hour at the Biergarten.
At 18:00 There will be a special Late night Tanz at the Hotel Adlon.

RRD will only happen on June 3rd, from midnight to midnight, SL time.

RRD poster

Open door day in 1920s Berlin


As part of our 6th Anniversary celebrations we start 6 days of events with our annual Open Door day.

For 24 hours (ish) lots of tenants in our city open their doors to the public.

Visit today and for once you’ll be allowed to come explore the apartments and houses of our locals.

From luxurious villas to damp, moldy, stinky, dirty, tiny one room apartments in back streets, you can finally go inside them without a police officer coming to kick you out.

Just wander around our neighbourhood and keep an eye out for the big red ‘Open door house’ signs.

open door day sign

The 1920s Berlin project celebrates its 6th anniversary!


On May the 30th 2009 I opened the door to a little very basic, noob build bar and let the public in for the first time.
The 1920s Berlin Project was born!
Only 3 months after joining Second Life, barely understanding how to glue prims together, I had started something that would soon grow into a vibrant active community of wonderful people.

And there is more to come…

But first we need to celebrate the 6th (!) anniversary of our little neighbourhood and we’re doing this by organizing 6 days of fun events and inviting everyone to come visit.

You can find 1920s Berlin by clicking this link:

We look forward to seeing lots of familiar but also new faces visiting us.


Jo Yardley
Schedule of events:

Friday, May 29

All day: Open Door Day

On this day everyone is welcome to visit our sim and take a good look around and see more of the sim than you’re usually allowed to see.
Several of our tenants will also the doors to their private apartments and an ‘Open House’ sign will show you where you can enter and explore how the people in the city live.
The regular 1920s dress code is in place but being allowed to have a peek inside normally private residences is a lot of fun.

Berlin tenants who want to sign up for this, please contact Frau Jo Yardley.

2:00 PM SLT – Party Dinner & Tango evening at the Hotel Adlon
Saturday, May 30

1:00 PM SLT – Kids’ Pogo Stick race with prizes!
2:00 PM SLT – 6th Anniversary Dance at the Pariser Platz (At the foot of the Brandenburger Tor) with a show by Fraulein Sonatta Morales and with DJ Myron Byron

Sunday, May 31

11:00 AM SLT – Tea Dance at the Hotel Adlon
1:00 PM SLT –  Unveiling of the Community Quilt at the Library
2:00 PM SLT – Opening of the Biergarten!

Monday, June 1

 2:00 PM SLT – Open Stage at the Biergarten.
Simply show up and be brave enough to step up and share your (PG) talent!

Tuesday, June 2

2:00 PM SLT – Miss Berlin pageant!
Who will be Miss Berlin 1929?
Unmarried ladies can sign up by contacting frl Adele Kling.

Wednesday, June 3

Relaxed Rules Day: All day

On this day we forget the 1920s Dress code for 24 hours and welcome all kinds of avatars.
So if you are interested in visiting our sim but were not keen on wearing 1920s clothes or just don’t feel comfortable with a human avatar, this is your chance to walk around without our cops coming running after you.

But be warned!
We also allow our tenants to ignore all the other rules of the sim and this usually means they will go a little nuts…

More information and up to date news can be found on our facebook group;

6th anniversary poster

Next chapter of Ole Etzel’s Berlin film series premiered


Well known machinima maker Ole Etzel has finished chapter two of his film series ‘Ein Deutsche Geschichte’ (A German tale).
It tells the story of a simple Berlin family during the last century. From the first world war to the Weimar Republic, through the dark years into the cold war.

It was shot in our 1920s Berlin Project sim and features many residents of our community.

We’re very proud to have been able to help Herr Etzel with his project and with its result.

The film was premiered today at our Babylon cinema on Unter den Linden, we thank Fraulein McMahon for her hospitality and work as manager.

We look forward to the next chapter of the series even though we foresee dark clouds ahead for the family.

Both chapters can be seen in our Babylon cinema in The 1920s Berlin Project for the next couple of days, or online.

Enjoy chapter 2 of the story, click here for chapter 1.

German tale premiere