Berlin Weihnachtsmarkt 1929


Join us for the Berlin Christmas Market on Unter Den Linden this week!

Christmas markets have been a big deal in Germany since the Middle Ages, a great way to stock up for the winter but of course also a good excuse to have a lot of fun.

If you have a shop or business in 1920s Berlin or are part of the community and are a creator you are invited to take charge of a booth, yes, the market opens tomorrow but you can still take part!
A great way to get a bit of extra publicity for what you do or maybe just to sell some stuff you make or get rid of some Gacha stuff!!
Remember though, you have to hurry, get in touch with Lotte von Weiß (lotteweiss resident) ASAP.

Here’s the week’s schedule;

Monday 13th December
• 01:00pm SLT – Market Opening
• 02:00pm SLT – Happy Hour im Weihnachtsmarkt

Tuesday 14th December
• 01:00pm SLT – Kranzler Dinner
• 03:00pm SLT –Musikkorps der Kommandatur Berlin parade

Wednesday 15th December
• 01:00pm SLT – MITROPA Tanzorchester

Thursday 16th December
• 01:00pm SLT – City Tour on Carriage by Solstead

Friday 17th December
• 02:00pm SLT – Adlon’s dinner and Santa in the Adlon by Tequila

Saturday 18th December
• 01:00pmSLT – Cocktail time at Kranzler
• 02:00pm SLT – Eldorado with Stella d’Argenti on Christmas

Sunday 19th December
• 12:00amSLT – Volksschule Hindemburg field trip to Berlin
• 01:00pm SLT – Deutsche Luft Hansa “Rund um Berlin”

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