Eldorado reopens!


The show must go on.
Eldorado reopens and whether there will be a stage performance or not, we step into a new era in Eldorado’s history since we lost Sonatta – the Star of Berlin.
Max will be at the piano, Myron will play some tunes, and perhaps someone will perform.
Join us for dance and drinks this Saturday, June 19th, 2pm SLT.

Hier ist richtig!

Achtung performers!

Eldorado is looking for you!
Eldorado will reopen on Saturday 19 June 2pm SLT. There will be music and good company, but will there be a stage performance?
Are You interested but you can’t perform every week?
No problem.
For now we’re looking at a rotating schedule for several performers. First of all, Sonatta set a standard how she wanted to have her shows. If you have seen her perform, this may, or may not, be what you have in mind.
We are open to ideas and suggestions.
A few things to consider…What ideas do you have?
Do you have a theme for your show?
Do you want any particular music for your performance?
Or do you prefer to perform without any theme and do your thing?
Do you want a special set built or would you prefer to perform against a more neutral background? Would you build sets?
Do you have clothes, props, and the look for your stage show?
(Keep it classy. Strip is okay but lower parts should be covered.)
Do you have a range of animations you can use?
Do you feel this could be something for you?

If you think you could perform at the Eldorado, please get in touch with Myron Byron inworld via message, or better, by sending a notecard.

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