1920s Berlin project celebrates its 12th anniversary!


Our 1920s Berlin Project is celebrating that it opened its doors to the public 12 years ago and also that it has been flourishing ever since!

As is tradition, we’re having a week of events to celebrate our birthday and it’s going to be the bee’s knees.

Our anniversary schedule;

  • Sunday 30th May
    2pm Anniversary dance on Pariser Platz
    Hosted by Jo Yardley and DJ Myron Byron.
  • Monday 31st May
    2pm Open stage at the Volkshaus!

    Anyone can participate with any kind of performance, jump on stage, read a poem, sing a song, do a magic trip and let the tip jar overfloweth!
  • Tuesday 1st June
    2pm Berlin Run!
    We’re having a foot-race through Berlin, so put on some good shoes.
    2500, 1000 and 500 L$ reward for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!
  • Wednesday 2nd June
    2pm Opening Biergarten!
    After it’s been shut all winter we can finally enjoy our drink, dance and chat under the stars again.
  • Thursday 3rd June
    2pm Voice Happy Hour

    Voice will be activated in the Biergarten, you don’t have to use your voice if you don’t want to of course, but it might be fun to hear what we all sound like in real life, some may even do a little (drunken) singing!
    3:30pm Supporters & Long Term tenants dinner Special dinner at Restaurant Kranzler ONLY for supporters & long term tenants. Hostess; Jo Yardley
  • Friday 4th June
    2pm Opening brand new location
    Top secret brand new location just outside the city will be revealed.
    Hostess; Charlotte Von Weiß
  • Saturday 5th June
    Noon; public parade
    Parade for and by Berliners, anyone can take part, but it has to be 1920s Berlin themed.
    Represent your workplace, your club, your sport your hobby, walk, use a vehicle, make a float, etc.
    We walk to Parisen Platz and when we arrive there we have a little celebration and then we start…
    Relaxed Rules day!
    After the official start we suspend our 1920s dresscode for 24 hours and everyone in SL is welcome to come explore our sim and join us in crazy going-ons.
    On this day we will also have Open House, which people can open their houses to anyone to visit.
    2pm there will be a beach blanket party at Wannsee lake.

The schedule may change and events may be cancelled, altered or added to this list.
Keep an eye on posts in our Facebook group or inworld group for the latest news.

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