1920s Berlin project celebrates its 13th anniversary!

1920s Berlin project celebrates its 13th anniversary!

Our 1920s Berlin Project is celebrating that it opened its doors to the public 13 years ago and also that it has been flourishing ever since!

As is tradition, we’re having a week of events to celebrate our birthday and it’s going to be the bee’s knees.

Our anniversary schedule;

  • Monday 30th May
    Anniversary dance under the stars on Pariser Platz with kapellmeister Myron Byron and hostess Jo Yardley, followed by fireworks.
  • Tuesday 31st May
     Open stage at the Volkshaus, earn tips by performing!
    Recite a poem, tell a joke, do a dance, sing, make music!
    Anyone can jump on the stage and earn some drinking-money.
  • Wednesday 1st June
    Opening Biergarten for the season.
    After months in that dark, dingy basement bar, the evenings are finally warm enough for us to go outside into the Biergarten again!
  • Thursday 2nd June
     Berlin Run!
    Footrace through Berlin, big prize for 1st 3!
    We’re having a foot-race through Berlin, start training!
    2500, 1000 and 500 L$ reward for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!
    Supporters & long term dinner at Kranzler
  • Friday 3rd June
    Adlon Anniversary dinner & Dance
  • Saturday 4th June
    Eldorado Anniversary Special
  • Sunday 5th June
    Relaxed Rules day!
    After the official count-down at 1, we suspend our 1920s dress code for 24 hours and everyone in SL is welcome to visit our sim as they are, in modern clothes, as a non-human avatar, in whatever look they want, as long as they’re not naked, a Nazi or a naked Nazi.
    A great excuse for the regulars to bring some of their non-Berliner friends to the sim and show them around.
    Some locals will also leave their front door open, allowing visitors to see how we live.
    1:30pm: Beach blanket Berlin, DJ Holocluck Henly plays tunes at Wannsee beach.
    4pm: Jive Dryke performs.

The schedule may change and events may be cancelled, altered or added to this list.
Keep an eye on posts in our Facebook group or inworld group for the latest news.

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