Berlin in winter Photo contest winner announced!


It took us a little longer then expected because we received many amazing photos for our contest.

I asked 4 prominent Berliners to help me select the winners and they all picked different photos!

But one was chosen several times so in the end we chose this picture made by our own Fraulein Melusina Parkin!

She won L$500 with this photo of Unter den Linden.

We love the snow, framing but also the way she edited the picture with photoshop.


"Snow in Berlin (1929) 7" by Melusina Parkin

2 responses »

  1. Beautiful photo, congratulations Melusina and congratulations to all photographers who took part in the contest!

  2. I dunno why, cause there was never a rule about that, I had the idea photography contests should present photography…..which means untouched, pure, non-enhanced/drawn material.
    Anyway, congratulations Melusina. This is not the first shoot you have made that was so responsible for making me smile in front of the screen.
    Thenk you for sharing your eyes with us.

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