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1920s Berlin celebrates its 10th anniversary!


Yes it has been A DECADE since the 1920s Berlin Project opened its doors to the public!

And not just has been our historical roleplaying neighbourhood survived all this time, it thrived!
After 10 years it is still an active, creative, vibrant, exciting, fun and very alive community.
We have daily events, our parties and shows still draw crowds and the city keeps evolving and improving.

There are people who have lived here for many years who won’t even consider leaving.
For some Berlin is the only reason they’re even (still) in Second Life.

In short, we’re celebrating more than having a sim that managed to pay its tier all these years.
We’re doing great.

So of course we’re going to celebrate again, there will be a week of celebrations and everybody is invited.
We’re going to kick it off with our annual dance at the foot of the Brandenburg Gate and we end the week with the infamous Relaxed Rules day where we lift our strict rules for 24 hours and welcome everyone who doesn’t like having a realistic avatar or wear 1920s clothing.

Happy anniversary dear Berliners, you made my crazy dream come true, you turn my pile of glued-together prims into a living community I love dearly.

And of course thank you Linden Lab for making all this possible to begin with and thank you for allowing everyone in SL to lower their tier and increase their prim allowance.
I hope you continue on this road so Berlin can keep growing and I can afford to start another project…

Our anniversary schedule;

  • Thursday 30th May
    Anniversary dance on Pariser Platz
    Performance by Sonatta Morales and DJ Myron Byron.
  • Friday 31st May
    Special event at the Hotel Adlon

    Hosts Tequila Krovac, Herr Clarrington & Berlin Ladies Social Club
    With Flapperettes dance troupe performance!
  • Saturday 1st June
    Noon opening exhibit

    “Neue Sachlichkeit” art exhibit at the Bibliothek
    Host; Florian Blaisdale
    2pm Eldorado Cabaret
    Performance by Sonatta Morales and DJ Myron Byron.
  • Sunday 2nd June
    2pm Opening Biergarten
    Der Keller’s daily happy hour moves outside for the season.
  • Monday 3rd June
    Noon opening Exhibit
    Retrospective of Adele’s work and the formal reopening of the Fotostudio
    Hostess Teruumi Simoneaux
    2pm Miss Berlin Pageant
    Hosts; Henry Payne & Teruumi Simoneaux
  • Tuesday 4th June
    2pm Military parade & ceremony
    Commander; Ernst Osterham
    3pm Supporters & Long Term tenants dinner
    Special dinner at Restaurant Kranzler ONLY for supporters & long term tenants.
    Hostess Jo Yardley
  • Wednesday 5th June
    Noon; public parade
    Parade for and by Berliners, anyone can take part, but it has to be 1920s Berlin themed.
    Represent your workplace, your club, your sport your hobby, walk, use a vehicle, make a float, etc.
    We walk to Parisen Platz and when we arrive there we have a little celebration and then we start…
    Relaxed Rules day!
    After the official start we suspend our 1920s dresscode for 24 hours and everyone in SL is welcome to come explore our sim and join us in crazy going-ons.
    On this day we will also have Open House, which people can open their houses to anyone to visit.

The schedule may change and events may be cancelled, altered or added to this list.
Keep an eye on posts in our Facebook group or inworld group for the latest news.

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