Winter in Berlin Day


It seems like this very very cold winter is slowly coming to an end.
For the first time in many weeks the daily temperatures are reaching a temperature close to 0.

Time for us to enjoy what is left of winter before everything starts to melt again.

We are organising a Winter Day!

This saturday the 23rd of february you are all invited to come take part in some frosty celebrations!

11:00 PST: Winter Themed Tea Dance in the Mirror Ballroom at the Hotel Adlon.

At noon PST we are having a Dog sled race trough the city!
Win the famous Dog Sled Throphy!

At 1pm we’re having a Ice skate race on the spree!
Free ice skates provided and 250 Linden for the winner!

At 2 pm The Adults are moving to the Eldorado for a winter themed Happy Hour!
Perhaps you will meet Queen Winter “her”self…

There will also be a photo competition, you could win 500 Lindens!

We’re having a photo competition!
The theme of the contest if (of course) ‘Winter in Berlin’.
The 1st price is 500 linden!!!

Please make sure you read our rules;
-You can hand in only 1 photo per avatar!
-You must make the snapshots in the 1920s Berlin Project.
-Put ‘winter in Berlin’ and your name in the title and send it to me, Jo Yardley.
-Please make sure they have full permissions, or they will be disqualified.
-By sending it in you are giving us permission to use it for PR and post it on the internet.

The winner will be voted for by the people of Berlin, deadline for sending in your photo is February 20th!!
Pictures received later will not be allowed to take part.

See you on the 23rd!

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