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We’ve moved!


The 1920s Berlin Project has moved to another part of the virtual map.

Moving an entire city with over 100(!) tenants was a hell of a job but I managed it.

Thank you Lindens who gave helped me out with all the technical stuff and who dealt with the billion tickets I opened.

And special thanks to the anonymous benefactors and friends who made this expensive step possible.

I thank the people of Vintage Retro for being our neighbours for all these years and I  especially want to thank the people of 1920s Berlin of course.

The community and especially the tenants had to suffer the horrible experience of having to pick up all their belongings and even entire buildings just to put them back in our new location.
They did it and also flooded me with messages of support and appreciation.

I’m extremely lucky with the amazing group of people who have made our little corner of Second Life so strong and fantastic.
You are what brings our neighbourhood to life.

But now we’re ready to start the next chapter of our amazing project;

The 1920s Berlin Project sim
Part IV
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

Our new location;

Make sure you change your landmarks and update your profile picks!
Haven’t been in a while?
Come on over and check it out!

We still have something fun going on every single day for almost 7 years, so drop in for a drink, dance and chat.