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1920s silent movie completely filmed in Second Life (and 1920s Berlin!


The very talented Machinima maker Amelie Marcoud, well known for several Second Life videos, has jus released her biggest project yet.

Her 16 minute long film in the style of an 1920s silent movie is called ‘The Fiancée’ and was filmed in our 1920s Berlin sim.

The story is that typical of an old fashioned melodrama.

Anyone who has ever made a video or even just a picture in Second Life knows how much of a challenge this is.
Making a long film with an actual story, lots of actors, extras and props is therefor quite an achievement!

We congratulate everyone involved on a job well done and look forward to seeing Amelie’s next production!

Enjoy the film;

New amazing machinima about 1920s Berlin made by Amelie Marcoud


Long term resident, active member of the 1920s Berlin community and talented machinima maker Amelie Marcoud has made a fantastic video about our sim.

You can see it here;

And if your French isn’t up to scratch, here are the song lyrics in English;

In the desert sands
On the seabord dunes
Even if you get lost
Look for the rose

In the jail toilets
Where we dream of forgiveness
Where a song dies down
Look for the rose

Under the bogs and nettle leaves
In the puddles of rain
On the forgotten graves
Look for the rose

Where the suburbs get sad
At the blinds’ and at the deaf s
Where night dreams of day
Look for the rose

And roaming all around
If you didn t find it
At least you’ll have dreamt of it
Look for the rose
Look for the rose

The rose…

Pepa Cometa makes fantastic 1920s Berlin project video


After seeing the stunning Pfaffenthal video (see it here), I invited talented machinima maker Pepa Cometa to Berlin, hoping she would make a video about our sim as well.

Luckily she fell in love with our community and started work on filming it right away.
That is if she wasn’t too busy drinking schnaps, dancing with the charming men or The enjoying herself at the Cabaret.

The video was shot during the cold winter of 1929, of course we follow the seasons in Berlin.

The result is absolutely amazing, not only does it show our city in the best possible way, it also shows outsiders that Second Life CAN look stunning… if your computer is good enough…

It is especially impressive that Pepa managed to capture the vibrancy of our city and the strength and spirit of our community.

Feel like (re)visiting our sim after seeing the video?
We’ve just moved, so make sure you delete your old landmark and come see us here at the new location (click).

(If embedding failed, try clicking this link)

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 18.47.49.png

A German tale, stunning Machinima made in the 1920s Berlin Project


Well known artist Ole Etzel, who was the subject of an excellent ‘Drax Files’ episode, moved in to a small dirty damp apartment in our 1920s Berlin sim and created a wonderful machinima in the dark streets and alleyways.

‘A German Tale’ tells us the story of an old man looking back at his childhood in Berlin.

I’m extremely excited with the end result and proud that Ole picked the city I build for this production.

In RL I’ve been to Filmschool, owned a tv/movie production company and have been a writer and director and I’m very impressed with this video, it makes me wish I had the time to start making machinima myself.

I started the 1920s Berlin Project because of my passion for history and saw in Second Life a way to share and even contaminate people from all over the world with this love for the past while at the same time teaching them a few things while learning new things myself as well.

This film does the same and I hope it grips you the way it gripped me.
It brought tears to my eyes, not just because of the story but also because I’m just so happy to see my Berlin used in such a way.

Enjoy this first episode, and of course, on behalf of everyone in 1920s Berlin; frohe Weihnachten!

a german tale