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Rain in Berlin


Just before winter strikes, rain reached Berlin.
It goes on for days, making life miserable for many but also cleaning the dirty old city, preparing her for the white blanket of winter.

It will rain in our sim till Christmas eve and then it will start to snow.
Enjoy the autumn look of our city and the neighbouring Tiergarten park.
Setting it up has taken a LOT of time and work but I think it was worth the annual effort.

Come and enjoy this weather while you can, before the city turns white with snow.
Although it doesn’t make Berlin any less laggy, it does make it look amazing and brings with it some fantastic photo opportunities and gallons of atmosphere.

To enjoy the weather at its best, make sure you update your media players and turn it on (by clicking the little camera in the right hand corner of your screen) so you can also hear the rain and not just see it.

If your computer finds it all a bit too much and SL slows down beyond what you find acceptable, turn down your draw distance.
And don’t worry, next month the weather system will be removed again.

You can visit Berlin by clicking here.


Autumn in Berlin Photo Contest!


Every season we like to have a photo contest that shows how that time of year changes our city and our lives.

And it is that time of the year again!

So here it is;

Upload a snapshot to our flickr group.

It has to be made in the 1920s Berlin project.

The theme of your photo should be; Autumn in Berlin.

This year we want raw snapshots, so no photoshop editing allowed!

The picture we like most will receive 500 Linden!

photo contest

Start making your pictures now.

Your deadline is December 15th.

Winner will be announced on December 17th.