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New weekly event; Night at the Adlon


From this Friday on we’re going to have a new event called ‘Night at the Adlon’.

The Adlon was and still is one of the most luxurious hotels in Europe and the perfect place for the rich and famous to show off their wealth, fashion sense and reputation.

We want to replace the old Tango evening with a new event that’s more focused on roleplay.

So every Friday at 2pm (be on time!) a wonderful dinner will await you at the Adlon dining room.
If you live in the good part of Berlin and have proper evening clothes, you will be the honoured guest of the evening.
Staff will wait on you hand and foot.


If you are among the poor or just working class people of Berlin, you are also welcome… but as a servant!
There will be free servant costumes for you at the back entrance.
Show up on time and listen to Herr Clarrington who is in charge.
Keep those glasses full!

Of course you’re welcome, even encouraged, to get a special alternative avatar for this event if you want to roleplay someone rich while your main character is a poor person or maybe you want to be a servant for an evening while you’re normally a rich person.

Either way, this way people of all classes are welcome and we can re-enact the typical class differences of the era, the up- and downstairs people.

But this fancy dinner is only the beginning of the evening…


Once dinner is done and our wealthy guests are stuffed with glorious food and a LOT of alcohol… it is decided that the night is still too young…. someone rents a luxurious room for the night… and the entire group of dinner guests moves upstairs!
Can you imagine what happens when rich handsome young people with too much to drink all end up together in a fancy room?
And of course they keep calling room service… and all the servants end up running upstairs bringing these guests more drinks… and more food… and they are then invited by these rich people to stay and party!
To make things even worse the back door is opened and other people who are really not of the type welcome at the Adlon are smuggled into the hotel and upstairs to the room!

In short; we roleplay a wonderful luxurious dinner with rich guests and common people as staff followed by a wild party in an upstairs room where there are no rules….

The first ‘Night at the Adlon’ event will be on Friday the 21st at 2pm SLT.
Don’t be late!

We hope that this becomes a great new weekly event that lets us all roleplay and have a bit of fun.
Please join us for the first ‘Evening at the Adlon’ and give this new event a great first go!

Busy weekend ahead in 1920s Berlin


This weekend, 10 & 11th of October, will be a great time to visit 1920s Berlin (again) as we’ll have a nice lineup of events set up.

The entire weekend;

Open house in Tiergarten Park.
In this affluent part of Berlin the rich and famous open their villas and luxurious houses to the common people and tourists.
If you see an ‘Open house’ sign by the entrance, feel free to go inside and look around.
If you don’t, stay out, they may have scary dogs.


11am SLT: 11 Uhr Tee at Hotel Adlon.
A chance to dress up and enjoy a nice bit of cake, drink Tea or Coffee and have a dance while listening to music.

14pm SLT: The annual Autumn Ball! Join us for a formal masquerade ball at the Hotel Adlon! Famous vintage DJ Myron Byron will provide the music.


2pm SLT: Our weekly Freebie hour at Der Keller Tanzlokal, every visitor gets a free 1920s themed gift!


Being a Gigolo in 1920s Berlin


In the olden days, a gigolo wasn’t exactly what it is today.
Generally it just meant a gentleman who danced with ladies for money.

Gigolo’s or ‘Eintänzer’ (one (dance) dancer) as they were called in Germany, were very common in 1920s Berlin, often dashing young handsome men in nice outfits who would stand to the side in dance halls waiting for a gesture or to be asked to dance with whoever was willing to pay them.

It was not frowned upon at all, dancing was a huge thing back then and because of the war there was a shortage of male dance partners. And dancing on your own was very uncommon.
Of course some stubborn men also just don’t like dancing.

So if you felt like dancing but couldn’t find a man willing to ask you, you could just ‘hire’ a chap for a dance or two.
Most ‘Gigolos’ were also dance teachers, after all they had a lot of experience and knew the latest dance crazes.

Sometimes one thing led to another and the gigolo would accept payment to go out on a date, accompany a lady to other social situations and yes, sometimes it could even end in the bedroom…

However, generally they were seen as no more as a dancer-for-hire or dime-a-dance man.
They were so common and popular that one of the biggest 1920s German music hits was ‘Schöner Gigolo, armer Gigolo’.
And even a movie was made about it, Seine Hoheit, der Eintänzer (1927).

Many of these men were often veterans or students who had found it difficult to pay their bills or to afford their lifestyle in expensive Berlin.
But also countless members of the now impoverished aristocracy found themselves making a living on the dance floors of Berlin.
Men who once seemed unreachable, could now be ordered around by young girls for a few coins.
They were even welcome at the fancy Hotel Adlon, so much so that the Hotel even gained the nickname ‘Gigolo school’.

A fun little article from 1927;

gigolo“In these Cafes,  see also the Male Vamp.  He,  Of the patent leather hair and dress,  immaculate.  Here to make the night pleasant for the female patrons.  Paris calls him a “Gigolo.”  An unaccompanied Lady if she cares to dance,  can summon a Gigolo,-take turn around the floor with him and pay him 10 francs per dance.

Moneyed women,  however, have been known to “fall” for their Gigolo,-buy him a motor car, send him to the best tailor; even take him back home.

Gigolos,  as a rule are handsome enough to seen with,  anywhere;  and women of wealth and experience will pick up a good looking Gigolo and keep him during their entire sojourn in Paris.  This solves a problem.  The young man is not introduced to her friends,  as a Gigolo.  And who is the wiser?  This Lady, who might otherwise have been lonesome and restricted, as to her amusements in Paris,  may now have her fling,  and when it is all over, can say:  “Ta Ta” to Giggy.”

So, what does all this have to do with our 1920s Berlin Project?

We want to bring the  ‘Eintänzer’ to our sim.
Not as a camouflaged adult entertainment service, but as a way to bring more men to our city, give them a fun way to make a little money and to of course give the ladies of berlin someone to dance with.

If you are interested, simply show up at our regular dances at the Hotel Adlon.
They take place on Wednesday (6pm slt), Friday Tango evening (2pm slt) and the Saturday Tea dance (11am SLT), our tram takes you straight from the station to the hotel.

Make sure you wear something nice (the Hotel Adlon is very classy) and authentic (we have a strict 1920s dress code) and go stand next to the  ‘Eintänzer’ sign, there are some scraps of paper on the ground you can sit on, they have nice suitable waiting animations for you.

If someone wants to dance with you, simply inform them how much a single dance (one song) costs them, we won’t tell you how much you are allowed to charge, that is up to you, it is also up to you to decide if anything else happens besides dancing.

If you invest in a nice outfit, act like a gentleman, are charming and a good dancer, you might end up making a nice living while having fun at the same time.

Do remember that we are a ‘moderate’ sim, so no adult XXX chat or acts in public please.

gigolo poster