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The Graphic Works of Morganic Clarrington


The Graphic Works of Morganic Clarrington

A new exhibition opens at the Schloss Museum in Berlin today, Sunday the 19th February, displaying ‘The Graphic Works of Morganic Clarrington’. This fascinating exhibition covers a variety of media, including, in Herr Clarrington’s words, “Pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, and one work in ballpoint on math homework.” There are also some wonderful models of buildings based on work spanning Herr Clarrington’s RL career, from college days up to more recent studies of landscape and architectural design. All the models are under 1′ high in RL and are assembled from scrap paper and discarded materials.

Selected exhibits will be available for purchase at very reasonable prices, and there will be a tour of exhibits by Herr Clarrington himself, where he will explain the genesis of various works. In addition, there will be a free buffet provided by Clarrington Enterprises, the quality of whose catering is well know to all Berliners.

The Schloss Museum is on Kaiser Wilhelm Strasse, opposite the Neue Kirche.

Heinrich Zille exhibition opens in Berlin


Rudolf Heinrich Zille (January 10, 1858 – August 9, 1929) was a famous German illustrator and photographer, specialised in portraying daily life of the common, often poor people of Berlin.
His subjects included poverty, drug abuse, prostitution and other darker sides of 1920s Berlin but he somehow always managed to show the good and positive of mankind as well.

In the Schlossmuseum in Berlin you can now see some of his best work.
Many of these pictures inspired me to build 1920s Berlin and when you look at them you may recognize locations and even characters.

You can see some pictures of the opening here in our Flickr Album.

Opening Zille exhibition

Opening Zille exhibition