Berliner Hauptzeit!


Many visitors but also locals & regulars often visit Berlin, look around for a bit, see if anyone is there and if nothing is going on they leave again.
We have regular events and plenty to do but sometimes we just want to be in a place with other people doing their thing.

For this reason we’re starting ‘Berliner Hauptzeit’, which means something like Prime-time or peak-time in Berlin.
The idea is that we choose a 3 hour window for Berlin when people are welcome to just be there.
You can choose to simply hang out in your home, you can wander the streets, stand guard by the barracks, work in one of the shops, have dinner at a restaurant, go to church, go see a film at the cinema, visit friends for cup of Kaffee, chat with your neighbours or set up a massive roleplay scene with others.
What’s important is that it doesn’t really matter what you do or how you spend these three hours, but that you know that the odds of there being other people in your neighbourhood are high.
That you can come to Berlin and just know there will be friends, foes and strangers and you won’t be the only one in the sim.

So, Berliner Hauptzeit will be EVERY Sunday from 1 PMSLT to 4 PMSLT from now on.
You are of course more than welcome to show up earlier and stay later.
This will include our weekly Freebie zeit at Der Keller Tanzlokal.
To put it simply; there will be one hour before and one hour after our regular drinking, dancing and chatting for people to simply be in the city.
Again; you’re not expected to do anything but you’re invited and encouraged to just be there and bring some extra life to our neighbourhood for a few hours a week.

Bis Sonntag!

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