1920s Berlin Project’s display at SL17B


As (almost) every year our community will again be represented at Second Life’s 17th anniversary celebrations.

We have re-created a little corner of our sim for people to enjoy, one of the few escapes away from the busy city available to 1920s Berliners, both rich and poor.
The Wannsee Lido (an open air swimming pool and beach) was created for the people of Berlin who needed a little break.

Thousands of families would spend their summer weekends playing on the beach, swimming, having a drink, relaxing and not thinking about their daily troubles or the dark clouds on the horizon that would drag the world into disaster in the 1930s.

So! Have a look around, check out the historical details, try out our beach chairs, have a swim and take a little break from the madness called SL17B 😉
(free swimsuits on the bench by the info sign)

The whole exhibit was build by Berliners Beolas Whitfield & Florian Blaisdale who did an excellent job which is much appreciated.

Join us every day (except Saturdays) at 2pm SLT for the first week of celebrations (June 19-July 10) when the people of Berlin come over for a drink, dance and chat.

You can find the 1920s Berlin Wannsee here as soon as the regions open to the public; http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SL17B%20Pizzazz/128/128/15

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  1. Hello I was wondering if you would ever consider doing this project on the oculus quest it is quite an impressive machine which I am just beginning to discover


    Eric G

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