The Emergency Fund


This donation box has been set up to collect funds for those people in 1920s Berlin who due to the Coronavirus are getting in financial trouble and can’t pay their rent in the city.

Some of us can’t work in RL because of the pandemic, others may have extra unexpected costs.
We know this horrible situation is temporary and it would therefore be very sad if people lost the houses they’ve sometimes lived in for years just because our real life world is turned upside down at the moment.

So we decided to set up a fund that we can use to pay the rent of those in Berlin who can’t afford it or who are perhaps not able to come online for a while because of the emergency situation.
I wish I could afford to just pay people’s rent myself but that’s not the case.

Anyone can call me and tell me they’d like to make use of this fund and I’ll pay their rent with it.
No questions asked.
Just tell me that you’re sick or can’t be online for some time due to the Coronavirus, I will use the fund to pay your rent when you’re away.

When the pandemic ends and the world gets a little bit back to its old “normal” state, the fund will continue to exist to help people who have rent trouble.

Either way, every Linden Dollar donated will be used to help people.

If you’re not having financial or other problems related to the current pandemic and want to help out, you’re invited to put some money in the donation box here;

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