The 1920s Berlin Project at SL15B


Second Life is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary and  we’re proud to have a small corner of the SL15 land to give the visitors a little taste of our 1920s Berlin community.

The celebrations have just started so you can already come and have a look at what I’ve build .

The first week of SL15B we will have our daily ‘Happy Hour’ here in the exhibit in stead of back home in our sim.
Every day at 2pm SLT.
And of course, there is no dress code here and you don’t have to roleplay, so feel free to drop in and join us for a drink dance and chat!

You can find our Berlin exhibit by clicking here;

Schnaps is ready!

And this year we also have a Time Portal exhibit!
Walk through a street with houses from different centuries!
You can find the Time Portal exhibit by clicking here;

Happy Birthday Second Life!





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