Open door & Relaxed rules day!


As part of our 7th anniversary celebrations we are organising a so called ‘Open door & Relaxed Rules Day’.

As you may know, Berlin has a dress code, we ask visitors to look realistic and authentic for the theme of our sim.
But today, Sunday June 6th, as part of our anniversary celebrations, we are relaxing our rules for one day.
So on this day you are welcome to come and explore our sim without having to appear in a realistic form or wear 1920s clothes.
Any kind of avatar will be welcome, but we do have a few rules;

-Don’t be naked, no naughty bits on display.
-No Nazi stuff, FYI; it is against LL’s Terms Of Service.
-Don’t harass and bother others, be nice.

And to make your visit extra special, some of our local tenants have opened up their doors to the public!
Normally we treat every home like we would in real life; no trespassing or you get locked up!
But today you can enter any home that has an ‘Open house’ sign next to the front door.
Go see how the people of Berlin live, but kindly refrain from going through underwear drawers.

For locals this may be a good day to show Berlin to your friends who have not been here before and may feel a bit intimidated by our rules or roleplay.

For our tenants this is also a special day.
It can be a lot of fun to ‘let your hair down’ in this city and go a bit crazy.
We will allow flying on this day so you can see the city from a whole new angle, but you are will also not be locked up for doing things that are unrealistic or unauthentic.
So the people who normally live here as 1920s Berliner, may choose today to wear something different and do things normally not allowed here.
So don’t be surprised if you see a giant robot roam the streets, a space ship crash into the canal or find yourself in a city wide flood!

Have fun and remember, this is a great excuse to bring some of your SL friends to Berlin who have not been before!

open door day poster.jpg

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