The passing of one of our own, Adele Kling.


AdeleOne of Berlin’s long time locals has sadly passed away in real life.

Today it was confirmed that Adele Kling has died.

Adele joined us in 2010 and pretty soon became part of the furniture, she was a wonderful and kind person who made many friends.

She loved our city and its community and her photo studio soon became a much loved location where she took our pictures but also organised wonderful exhibits about art and photography.


Adele truly was a Berliner and she will be greatly missed by all.
Berlin really meant a lot to her but she also meant a lot to us.

We’re very sad to hear of Adele’s passing and wish her and her family strength.

Adele will remain part of 1920s Berlin as I’ve decided that I won’t rename her photo studio and will also not rent it out to anyone else.
Fotostudio Kling will remain part of our community in one way or another.

If you want to send a card or flowers, contact me inworld for the address to send them to.
Or if you want you can make a donation to the meter with her portrait at our teleportplatz and we’ll send flowers.

Berliner, there will be a wake at the Biergarten at 2pm SLT today.
There will also be a memorial service, time and location will be announced later.

Bon Voyage Berliner.

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_002 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_004

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  1. Jo, the care you show to all of the Berliners and those who visit your wonderful community is amazing. You certainly have shown others the best of SL.

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