1920s Berlin kid needs your help after RL house fire


One of Berlin’s favourite streetkids has experienced one of the most awful things in real life I can imagine; a house fire.

Although everyone managed to escape in the nick of time and nobody was wounded, the house and most of their belongings were pretty much trashed.

skylerAt the moment Skyler Gant (RL name Mark) and his mom are staying in a hotel, having almost nothing left except the clothes they were wearing when they escaped, their phones and the cat.

The 1920s Berlin community is a strong one and when we don’t see certain of our neighbours for a while we get worried, when they have a celebration in RL we’re happy for them and when something bad happend in RL we try to help.
Skyler has been with us for a very long time and we know him as a wonderful sweet kid both in SL and RL, although also rather cheeky and naughty in SL 🙂

Often we do this in our own personal way, but this time we felt we had to get together as a society, not just us in Berlin but everyone who knows Skyler, those of us who’ve experienced what he is going trough and just everyone in Second Life who feels for him and his family and wants to do something.

Us virtual neighbours need to look out for each other, not just in Berlin but all of SL.

At the moment Skyler and his family have nothing, they are living in a hotel and are in desperate need for clothing and other first necessities.

If you live in the vicinity and feel like bringing him some clothes or whatever you think may be of use to him, let me know and I can send on the message to him.
They are staying in Willowbrook, near Chicago, Illinois.
His shirt size is Large, his pant size is 34 waist / 32 leg, his shoe size is US 10.5. His mother’s shirt size is Medium and her dress/pant size is a US size 6.

But if you are in the opportunity to send some money his way, it would also be much appreciated, no matter how small the amount.

Second Life is build on tips and donations, lets see if we can rebuild something in RL the same way.

There is this GoFundMe page here where you can make donations with your credit card, click the logo below to go to his page on that website;

go fund me

There are other options for those of us who don’t want to use a credit card or don’t have one.

You can visit the tip jar I’ve set up at the Teleport area in 1920s Berlin.
There is no need to change clothes or avatar to visit that area.
All money donated there will be send to Skyler in RL asap.

Another option is to buy Skyler a giftcard from Target, the second-largest retailer in the United States, they allow more payment options.
Contact me if you want Skyler’s email address for this, I’d rather not share it in public here.
Click the logo below to check out the options;

Target logo

Skyler will probably not be able to join us in Second Life for a while, so sending him messages or Linden dollars inworld may not be the best help for the urgent situation he is in.
Paying the rent for him is also not needed in 1920s Berlin, I’ve taken care of that.
Of course sending gifts, vouchers and donations to his avatar will be a welcome surprise for when he returns but at the moment helping him in RL is more needed.


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