Relaxed Rules day in 1920s Berlin


As part of our 6th anniversary celebrations we are organising a so called ‘Relaxed Rules Day’.

As you may know, Berlin has a dress code, we ask all our visitors to look realistic and authentic for the theme of our sim.
But now and then we decide to relax these rules to give new people a chance to explore our sim even if they don’t feel like dressing up or having a realistic avatar.

So, on Relaxed Rules Day we will NOT be asking people to dress in the 1920s style and we will be welcoming avatars such as furries, tinies, demons, fantasy animals, etc.
The only rules we will be enforcing are that we will not accept public nudity or Nazi related behaviour and dress.
Of course anyone bothering or harassing people will also be send home.

This may be a good day to show Berlin to your friends who have not been here before and may feel a bit intimidated by our rules or roleplay.

We will also allow flying on this day so you can see the city from a whole new angle.

Warning; the regular people of Berlin often use this day to go a little crazy and do all those things they are normally not allowed.
If you are one of those Berliners, please keep an eye on what you’re rezzing, we don’t have THAT many spare prims, so don’t use this day to rez 100 prim limousines, etc.

Have fun and remember, this is a great excuse to bring some of your SL friends to Berlin who have not been before!

Our regular events will continue on this day.
At 14:00 we’ll have our daily Happy Hour at the Biergarten.
At 18:00 There will be a special Late night Tanz at the Hotel Adlon.

RRD will only happen on June 3rd, from midnight to midnight, SL time.

RRD poster

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