Winter photo contest & Winter day


1929 was the coldest winter since records began in Germany, and here in virtual 1920s Berlin we’ve been suffering trough lots of snow, ice and coal shortages.

But we’ve made it (well most of us anyway) and it won’t be long before everything starts to melt.

Soon our city will be dusty, smelly and hot again so before that happens, lets enjoy winter one more weekend.

Today it started snowing again but it will only last just one more weekend, Monday will be the last day of snow till next winter.

Sunday will be our annual ‘winter day’, with a ice skating race on the Spree and our daily ‘Happy Hour’ on ice.

Come take part, winner gets to take home money!

And we also have a seasonal photo contest that shows how that time of year changes our city and our lives.

This last weekend of snow is of course the perfect time to take your winter photo contest picture!

The rules;

Upload a snapshot to our flickr group.

It has to be made in the 1920s Berlin project.

The theme of your photo should be; Winter in Berlin.

The picture we like most will receive 500 Linden!

And remember, if you sign up for SL Go, you get to make pictures with the graphics set to ultra!

Shadows, light effects and a super frame rate may help you make even better photos and this photo contest might be a good excuse to give SL Go a try!

More information and signing up for SL Go here;

winter in Berlin poster

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