1920s Berlin at SL11B


Like the previous years The 1920s Berlin Project will have its own place at Second Life’s 11th anniversary celebrations, aka SL11B.

The theme of SL’s 11th birthday party is “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.”.
A look at the future!

In our exhibit we do that in two ways.

First of all we’re looking forwards to the future of Virtual Reality and Second Life.
The 1920s Berlin project was build to a realistic scale, we took a prim, noticed its measurements of 50x50x50 centimeters and used that as our foundation to build with.
That means that our buildings are generally smaller than in many other places in Second Life but also that the perspective and scale is always based on reality.
This way you can get a real idea of what things looked like in reality, for instance we have a Zeppelin that is 244 meters long and our Brandenburg Gate is an exact replica of the real thing, inch by inch.
Realistic scale will become more important in the near future as Virtual reality becomes more and more important (again).
When wearing the Oculus Rift, or any other kind of VR headset, you suddenly realise how important it is for the virtual world to make sense, nothing should destroy the immersion.
In 1920s Berlin we hope to avoid this by adding lots of historical details and that realistic scale.

Second, we show how people in 1920s Berlin looked towards the future.
On one side of our display you’ll see old Berlin, the small houses, poverty, a Biergarten and Heinrich Zille’s studio.
He was a well known artist who drew daily life in Germany.

On the other side we see the opposite.
The modern cinema Babylon (based on a RL Berlin building) replaces the social life of the Biergarten, the clear lines of modern architecture are the new style for buildings,
In another modern building you can see the future of art in the 1920s; Bauhaus, a German version of Art Deco and De Stijl.
Under the glass ceiling at the top, in strong contrast with Heinrich Zille’s little attic, we see the studio of a Bauhaus designer.
The future beckons… but you may also find some traces of the dark storm clouds that were starting to gather over Germany in the late 1920s.

We hope you come and visit us some time.

And if you are a member of our community, perhaps you want to spend some time hanging around the exhibit there when you can.
It is a lot of fun to share our city with ‘outsiders’ and there is a nice cozy apartment and biergarten there for you to relax.

During the SL11 celebrations we will have our daily Happy Hour at 2pm SLT here in the display, come and join us for a drink, chat and dance to 1920s music.
In our own sim we have these gatherings every single day and lots of other events during the weekends.

Come visit us at;


SL11B opens today at noon slt.



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