The 1920s Berlin Project celebrates its 5th anniversary!


On May the 30th 2009, the 1920s Berlin Project opened its doors to the public for the first time.
I was still a noob, only 3 months in Second Life, barely knew how to stick two prims together, yet somehow managed to create a tiny bit of my dream in a skybox on rented mainland.

I could have never imagined it to turn out to become such a huge success, a sim with a the most amazing community, a sim that in stead of being just a bit of fun turned into a huge part of my life.
And not just my life, I’m very proud to have tenants who have been living in this city for 2,3, 4 and even 5 years!
Many of whom I’d call close friends.
I’ve loved every minute of this time traveling adventure and it still is only the beginning.
If all goes well, I may start on a second Time Travel Roleplay sim later this year.
But I’m not making any promises!

To celebrate this milestone, we’re offering our regular tenant,s guests and visitors 5 days of events, but we’re also inviting tourists, strangers and people who have not yet visited our sim to join us.
On Open Door Day and Relaxed Rules Day you don’t even have to wear 1920s clothes or have a human avatar.

You can find 1920s Berlin by clicking this link:

On all other days of course, the regular 1920s dress code is in effect.

We look forward to seeing lots of familiar but also new faces visiting us.

Here is to the next 5 years, prosit!

Jo Yardley

Schedule of events:

Thursday, May 29

All day: Open Door Day

On this day everyone is welcome to visit our sim ‘as they are’, with other words, you can ignore our strict 1920s dress code and you can also use non human avatars.
Several of our tenants will also open their doors and an ‘Open House’ sign will show you where you can enter and explore how the people in the city live.

Berlin tenants who want to sign up for this, please contact Herr Sein Loire.

Friday, May 30

1:00 PM SLT – Kids’ Soap Box Derby @ Tiergarten *prizes*
2:00 PM SLT – 5th Anniversary Dance @ Pariser Platz (At the foot of the Brandenburger Tor) with DJ Myron Byron
4-ish PM SLT – After party @ Kling Studio

Saturday, May 31

11:00 AM SLT – Tea Dance @ Hotel Adlon
12:00 PM SLT – Miss Berlin Pageant rehearsal @ The Odeon
1:00 PM SLT – Happy Hour Talent Show @ Biergarten *prizes*
2:00 PM SLT – Eldorado Anniversary Special

Sunday, June 1

11:00 AM SLT – Scavenger Hunt @ Train station *prizes*
12:00 PM SLT – Miss Berlin Pageant @ The Odeon *NO prizes, except the power and the glory*
1:00 PM SLT – Flapperettes 2nd Anniversary Party @ Bauhaus rooftop, Unter den Linden 17
2:00 PM SLT – Benefit Auction Happy Hour @ Bauhaus rooftop, Unter den Linden 17 (as always, a lot of great items have been donated for your bidding)
4:00 PM SLT – Church Service *a prize for all attendees*
5:00 PM SLT – Movie screening @ Babylon
7:00 PM SLT – Flapperettes 2nd Anniversary Party (part 2) @ Bauhaus rooftop

Monday, June 2

Relaxed Rules Day: All day

On this day we forget the 1920s Dress code and allow all kinds of avatars.

But be warned!
We also allow our tenants to ignore all the other rules of the sim and this usually means they will go a little nuts…

More information and up to date news can be found on our facebook group;

Finally, huge thanks to Herr Sein Loire who has done most of the work regarding the celebrations.

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  4. Congratulations on FIVE years, Jo and everyone who is a part of Second Life Berlin! I missed all the events when I went too late on Saturday and too early on Sunday, but I took a few new photos and placed them in my Flickr photo along with my other Berlin photos. You can see them here, if you wish: .
    Best wishes and here’s looking forward to a grand full year to come! ~ Dahlia Jayaram

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