Hansi Sturm returns to the Eldorado


Hansi_Sturm_come_Miss_EldoradoIn 1920s Berlin we like to tell our visitors about how exciting and interesting that city was back then.
One of the places that does this is is our Eldorado club, a so called transvestitenlokal, based on a real gay and cross dressers club.

Berlin was famous for its tolerance and this club where women dressed like men and men like women was very well known and in stead of hidden away it was celebrated, written about and visited by people from all walks of life.

One of the stars in this scene was Hansi Sturm, married father of two who in the evening changed into ‘Miss Eldorado’, entertaining the crowds ad the infamous club with his singing and dancing.
Ending each show by throwing his fake breasts at the orchestra.

Hansi became somewhat of a celebrity, even outside the gay and transvestite scene.
Postcards show him as Miss Eldorado but there was even an article about him in a regular magazine.

But of course the golden age of tolerance and freedom ended and after the Nazis took over power in Germany, the many gay clubs were closed and Hansi vanished into the shadows of history.
We don’t know what happened to him, was he persecuted and was he murdered in a camp somewhere, did he hide his past and ended up being forced into the army or did he manage to do one more transformation and turned into a regular man who managed to stay unnoticed for the rest of his life?

We just don’t know and it made me a bit sad.
Because the last thing Hansi seems to have wanted was to end up being practically unheard of.

By bringing a Hansi avatar to Second Life and letting her/him relive his glory days, in our own little way, bring him back from oblivion.
And share his story with the visitors of our sim.

From now on Hansi will perform at the Eldorado club almost every Saturday at 2pm SLT.



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  1. I saw a short film called “We Are Dancers” which was a fictionalised portrayal of the last days of Hansi Sturm. I’m so glad he is remembered in so many places even though we don’t know what happened to him in the end.

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