New Babylon Cinema


Newest addition to the 1920s Berlin Project sim in the virtual online world of Second Life.

The building is based on the real Babylon cinema on the Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30 in Berlin that you can still visit today. It was build in 1929 and designed by Architect Hans Poelzig and is a good example of the Bauhaus style. During the Nazi era there was a KPD resistance group who used the building for secret meetings.

Of course there are a lot of limitations when you try and build a replica of a RL building into Second Life. For starters there is always a shortage of prims and in this case there was also not a lot of space. I could not just demolish a few buildings, it had to fit into the same spot of the old cinema and on a different corner than the RL one. So in a way I mirrored it. Luckily the building was expertly renovated a few years ago so after some contact with the people running the cinema today I realized I could use the same colours the current building has. On a very rare photo of the building of the cinema I spotted the ‘Automaten Buffet’, I could not find any more information about it so had to guess what it looked like on the inside, but I think I got pretty close. An ‘Automaten Buffet’ is also known as an Automat and used to be quite popular across the world in the early 20th century. By inserting a coin into the slot, you would be able to open a little glass door that gave you access to food. Come and try it, our Automat has been expertly filled by Clarrington Catering.

The Babylon cinema in 1920s Berlin is not just there for show. It is being run by Fraulein Myfanwy McMahon who keeps original 1920s and 1920s themed movies playing on the silver screen. There is a special feature every sunday at 15:30 slt. More about that on the Babylon facebook group.

You can see a collection of photos of the new building here;


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