New secret club house for Berlin children


The old hidden away room in the back of the pottery was discovered and removed when the buildings were improved by the city planners.

But the children of Berlin need of course a secret headquarters where they can plan their adventures or just hide from mother superior who runs the orphanage or the teacher when they are skipping school.

So when nobody was looking, a bunch of them sneaked into the huge Tiergarten park, found a nice quiet spot and build a huge tree house!

This is now their base of operations, no grownups allowed!

A place where they can get together to play, read comics, sleep when dad is drunk and violent again, or just enjoy some peace and quiet, away from the city.

However it was build right next to a circle of mushrooms, in English we call it a fairy ring.
Or as the Germans call it; “Hexenringe (“witches’ rings”)!
In German tradition, fairy rings were thought to mark the site of witches’ dancing on Walpurgis Night (last day of april).

So maybe keep one eye open while you sleep…

I won’t tell you where the club house is, but if you ask other kids they will show you or if you’re brave enough… you can just look for the Hexenringe…


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