Citizens of the Weimar republic!

On august the 11th we celebrate the signing of the Weimar Republic Constitution!
We do this every year but in 1929 it will be the 10th anniversary of this fact!

Everyone will have a day off work and there will be a memorial to the fallen in the war.
They have started building it on Parisenplatz already, it is HUGE!
Go have a look.

On this day we celebrate the constitutional principles and ideas of our young nation.
Lets show those extremists on all sides that the republic DOES have a future and that we believe in it!
This is our new country, we build it up with blood, sweat and tears, supported it trough the war, civil unrest, inflation and riots.

Show that you love it, show those who plan to destroy it that we stand behind the Republic!
Wave those flags!
Got a German Weimar era uniform wear it, see someone in uniform, let them know you appreciate them doing their part in rebuilding our country.

At noon there is a school lesson for all the kids.
At 1 pm There will be a German language lesson at the school.
At 2 pm there will be a ceremony at the monument at the Brandenburger Tor.
After the ceremony we will all gather at the end of Behrenstrasse, where the Torpedoboot 189 is moored in the Spree.
Her sailors will join us in the celebrations and there will be dancing, music and cheerfulness under the stars.

Put on your uniform, wear something patriotic, grab a flag and show those right wing trouble makers and left wing rioters that we have faith in the republic and want a future for it!

Cheer, wave and salute our men, celebrate our veterans, look forward and march onwards for a new better Germany, long live the Weimar Republic!


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