The 1920s Berlin Homestead

Many of our sim’s tenants own a little bit of land elsewhere in Second
Life, a place where they can be modern, get more privacy than in the
narrow streets of Berlin, have access to more prims or just as a
workshop where they can build in peace.
We were wondering if people would perhaps be interested in moving
their private plots closer to 1920s Berlin, or if they wanted to own
land near Berlin.
Quite a few of you showed interest and so we would like to announce to
you the imminent arrival of The (first) 1920s Berlin Homestead.
The plan is to buy a homestead. This is a piece of SL land as big as a
region, but with fewer prims and access to less avatars than a full
region such as 1920s Berlin (20, instead of 100, to be precise). These
regions are generally used for living quarters and workspaces, rather
than larger cities, as in Berlin proper.
We will plant this homestead against our Berlin region, right behind
the Brandenburg gate. On the ground, you will see what you would see
in RL on that spot; the massive Tiergarten area. So, mostly a long
road with lots of trees on both sides. Perhaps I’ll build a nice
modern gas station and a few small details, but nothing big.
For 1920s Berlin, this will be a spot that is mostly there to make the
sim look better and for perhaps a nice day out.
The land in this homestead will be divided into 5 plots of land that
people will be able to rent. Supporters, long term tenants and regular
tenants will have priority status when it comes to who gets to rent
here, however, anyone may apply.
There will be some strict rules for this land. After all, it borders
on an authentic historical role-playing sim, and nobody wants big,
flashy, glowing, 1970s concrete skyscrapers being built next door. But
these rules will only be for what happens on the ground; tenants will
be free to build and do whatever they like on platforms high up in the
sky, out of sight.
So in short, the 1920s Berlin sim will grow and look better, tenants
will be able to move their private lands a little closer, knowing that
they are now renting from people they know, instead of strangers, that
their land is connected to a sim that is extremely unlikely to just
vanish without any warning, that they will enjoy good protection from
griefers and that their renting land from us also supports 1920s
Berlin and any future projects we’re working on.
Yes, there are only 5 spots available on the initial homestead.
This is because homestead regions only allow 20 avatars at a time, one
of the reasons they are cheaper than regular regions. We wanted our
tenants to be able to invite a few friends over without the sim
throwing them out because the sim was full.
But don’t worry if you’re not selected!
If we get more than 5 people wanting to rent land from us, we will
consider getting another homestead.
  • – Rent will be L$4940 per month. That is about L$1235 a week. 
  • – For this, you will get 550 prims and a large piece of land where you will have full control.
  •  You get to set the stream, decide who is allowed to enter, if people can see what you’re doing, etc, etc.
  • If you want to build something that fits in with the 1920s theme on the ground, we will gladly listen and assist you. If you’d like to build your own house, we will provide you with basic scaling information, that will help your building fit in with the rest of Berlin.
  • Anything else (skyboxes, workshops, etc), you’ll have to build in the sky above 2000 meters.
If you are interested, please contact me, Jo Yardley, directly via inworld IM or email.

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