Necessary changes


To make new buildings possible, some old ones have to “go”.

Or at least, I have to remove rez permissions, because poor old SL can’t deal with more then 100 people rezzing.
So I am making a list of places that can go.
These are generally old Berlin buildings, that are small and won’t be missed much.
Although I will of course keep a copy and may one day bring them back to the real estate market.
I won’t really demolish any of these buildings, I’ll just remove the option to rent there.

Here are a few possibilities;

-The tattoo parlour… no not the parlour itself, but the apartment below it.
It is just 1.5 rooms, ugly and not used very much by everyone who ever rented it.
So I will make that apartment fake (just doors and windows, can’t be rented) and keep the parlour.
-All the hotel nussbaum rooms will now become no-rezz perm rooms.
People who stay there get a room, a bed but can’t rez.
-The Wascherei, it has one boring room, it can easily be turned into a fake half of the building, especially as it still needs meshing.
So there will be a wascherei downstairs, but no real room above it.
-The room above the Butcher may also be turned into a fake part of the butcher building.
It is a place that people won’t really notice if it no longer is a real building.

ALL people who live in these places, will be offered a room in the new Althaus Gasse Hof, there are 6 much nicer apartments there and if I can free up enough tenant places, I can even rent out the 4 attic rooms in this huge building.
And if they are really attached to their homes, I probably won’t force them to move.

Doing this will allow me to add another Villa to Behrenstrasse and enlarge the Althaus Gasse Hof, or Mittelstrasse Hof as it will be called.
Giving Berlin its first true Mietskaserne (aka Rent Barracks, or Tenement).
Perhaps even 16 families living pretty much on top of each other.

People in Berlin often feel a strong connection to their house, they love their little place in this big city.
I THINK that this is not the case with some of these apartments, they are rented by people who don’t spend a lot of time in Berlin, don’t decorate it, the buildings are old, they aren’t meshed, etc.
At least in some cases.
So replacing these apartments with ones in a new big apartment building seems like a good (temporary) solution to LL not letting us allow more then 100 avatars to rez.

Another option will be to take away the option to share apartments with someone.
If you are a tenant, you can have someone move in with you, this person then also gets to rez stuff, causing more trouble for the prim counters.
So some of the smallest one room apartments in Berlin will be turned into “no lady visitors after 8pm”, more like boarding houses then private apartments.

I am sorry I have to do this, but, alas, till LL allows more then 100 people rezzing in a sim without the prim counters imploding, I have no other choice.

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