Photo days!


Join us Saturday, July 27th and Sunday, July 28th for Berlin Photo Day.

During the events planned for these days, we will simply gather and pose to make pictures.

So we hope that as many people as possible show up and take part in the scenes we’re planning.

For instance, we all first meet at the Hotel Adlon where we will set up scenes like guests arriving with luggage, cars parked outside, people dancing in the mirror room, etc.

So come along, bring your camera and your inspiration!

Got an idea for a scene you want to photograph, let us know!

The schedule:

11am: Hotel Adlon – Intro / Q&A
12pm: In the streets, taking photos
2pm: Eldorado Cabaret 2nd anniversary – make pictures of the cross dressers and wild party, recuperate and discuss the day

2pm: Der Keller – Plan for and photograph any remaining scenes

If you’re new to 1920s Berlin, please be sure read the sim rules at the Teleportplatz, and follow the dress code. Having a few outfits assembled beforehand helps keep things moving smoothly. Please contact Sein Loire with any questions.

Note: taking photographs is NOT a requirement–your participation as a model is equally important.

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