Eldorado Anniversary!


The Eldorado is Berlin’s infamous Gay and cross dressers club, based on a real place that was the talk of the town and a safe haven to many.

This weekend we will be celebrating the clubs second anniversary!

Fraulein Sonatta Morales (famous for some of the most amazing vintage fashion available in Second Life) has been running the joint all this time and for some short breaks after the place was raided by the police or everyone got arrested for being naked, things have been going very well.

So, time to celebrate!

To make this a special night, we’re asking everyone to come to cross dress!
Gentlemen put on a lovely 1920s dress, ladies go for that swanky 1920s tuxedo!

There will be a prize for the best cross dressed couple and there will be a show on stage!A party not to be missed!And because this is also our Photo Weekend, expect lots of people to make very nice pictures!

So, see you at the Eldorado, this Saturday, 2pm PDT!



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