Soon (no date yet) Berlin will expand.

Although the main sim won’t really grow, we will add a homestead to our sim.

On earth this region will look like the Tiergarten park in Berlin, so people visiting the sim will see a huge wooded area behind the Brandenburg gate, just like in RL.
They can drive underneath the Brandenburg gate down the Straße des 17. Juni or to be more exact, down the Charlottenburger Chaussee as it was called in 1929.

No you won’t be able to drive around the famous Siegessäule, as it was not moved to that location till 1939.

However this will not be a very active place, in a way it is more like a backlot, away from the real sim where all the action happens.

The land will be divided amongst several people who will use it to either build something small and public that fits in with the 1920s Berlin theme, or they can build a skybox where they can do whatever they want.

We may also move some of the Berlin locations and places that aren’t used very much, releasing prims and space for other projects in the city.

We are doing this to offer some of our tenants the chance to move their workshops and other places that they often have spread all over Second Life, closer to Berlin and to be able to rent land from landlords they know and trust.

We all know how risky renting land from strangers can be, the Berlin sim itself nearly came to an end when the very first version had to pack up backs and move out of the land we were renting when the landlords decided to split up!

There will be a post soon where we explain the details, how you can apply for a plot, what the rent will be, etc.

But for now, I’ll leave you with some nice pictures of what the Tiergarten area of Berlin looked like!


Tiergarten area behind the Brandenburg Gate (on the right) in 1926.


The other side of Brandenburger Tor, we’ll finally be able to see the gate from the other side.


This is what most of the area will look like, a wide lane with woods on both sides.

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