10 years of Second Life, facts and figures


Recently the biggest user created online virtual world Second Life celebrated its 10th anniversary!

This is quite a big deal, how many online games or worlds stay around for a decade and still do so well?

Yes Second Life is doing well, and to illustrate that it is far from dead Linden Lab, the company behind ‘SL’, published a press release with a so called ‘infographic’ full of facts and figures.

It is shocking and rather sad that there are a lot of people out there, even in the tech community, who don’t even know Second Life is still around.

A huge online virtual world where everything you see is build by its users, that supports a massive economy and lots of communities, is the biggest in its kind and still at the forefront of this kind of technology, should be something every writer in the game and computer business should keep an eye on.

Just because the hype has passed (years ago) does not mean it is no longer important.
With the Oculus Rift about to change the world of gaming and immersion, virtual reality will get a huge boost and Second Life will be part of that.
But I will let the infographic talk for itself.And to the SL users and inhabitants I say; spread this picture as much as you can, share it trough social media, paste it on forums, glue it to walls, leave prints on the train.Lets tell the world we’re still here, remind them how special Second Life is.Image

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