1920s Berlin at SL10B celebrations


Just like the previous years, The 1920s Berlin project has taken part in the anniversary celebrations of Second Life.

I was given a small plot where I was to build something that represented our presence in this grand virtual world but to also show something of this year’s theme;

“Second Life – Looking Forward, Looking Back”

In our plot here we are doing this in several ways.
We are looking back at the history of our sim by recreating ‘Der Keller’, the place that has been the heart of our community for over 4 years, some of its textures practically unchanged since the day we opened to the public.
But we also show the change and progress by showing you what we are now doing with mesh!
The modern Bauhaus across the street is made from mesh and although it is just a small reproduction of the original you can see in Berlin, it should already give you a little bit of an idea of what we now build in our city.
And of course, putting a modern state of the art 1920s apartment block across the street from a dirty old dilapidated smelly building, we’re also showing the theme by using history and architecture.

The main reason for us being there, besides it being a lot of fun and an honour to be able to represent Second Life of course, is to introduce our wonderful community to strangers, to those who have not yet visited us or have not even heard about it.

For this reason we will have our daily (yes daily!) Happy Hour there in this new place, in this clone of our good old Keller Tanzlokal!

So come on over one of these days, 2pm pdt, and join us for a drink, dance and chat.

No dress code here, so come as a furry, elf, giant or fantasy animal, dress in clothes from any era you like.

If you have never been to 1920s Berlin before, this is a good try to get a little taste of what we have to offer and perhaps, you’ll decide to come join us in the full region version some time!

You can find our plot by clicking here;




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