Oculus Rift co-founders talk about Second Life


In this interview for www.allthingsd.com Palmer Luckey and Nate Mitchell, the co-founders of virtual-reality gaming company Oculus VR, mention Second Life.

After discussing Google Glass, they continue;

Luckey: It’s about being inside the virtual world, not caring about the real one.
Mitchell: You could put your Glass on in the virtual space.

Luckey: We could do that! We could simulate Glass… It’s not that hard. You just have a tiny heads-up display floating there. A really tiny one.

Mitchell: I like it.

“OK, Rift, take a picture. OK, Rift, record a video…”

Luckey: There’s actually Second Life mods like that. People sell heads-up displays that you can buy.

Mitchell: Really?

Luckey: And they put information in there like distance to waypoints and stuff.

Mitchell: Oh, that’s cool!

Luckey: Yeah, they overlay it on the screen when your character’s wearing it.

I never really “got” Second Life. Minecraft, I can wrap my head around quickly. But Second Life…

Luckey: It’s very difficult to get into. There’s a steep learning curve. The last time I went into Second Life was to buy bitcoins from a crazy guy who was selling them below market value, but you had to go into Second Life to meet with him.

Mitchell: The underbelly of the Internet.

Luckey: They’re actually working on Oculus Rift support, though. The kind of people who make games like Second Life definitely see the potential for virtual reality — being able to step into your virtual life.


It is of course a shame that the interviewer does not get Second Life, that Palmer Luckey hasn’t used it since he bought some bitcoins and that Nate Mitchell calls it “The underbelly of the internet’.

It is great that they know that Linden Lab is working on Rift support.

But it seems that most of the participants in the interview still only know about the adult and weird side of Second Life.

And that is of course sad!

Second Life is all about creating worlds, virtual surroundings and immersion!

To me it seems even more suitable to the Oculus Rift then any shoot-em-up game out there.

What could be more fun then exploring a virtual location… exploring a virtual location you’ve created yourself!

Hereby I invite both Luckey Palmer and Nate Mitchell to give Second Life another try and join me for a special tour of 1920s Berlin, the city I build.

I hope this will make them realise the huge potential Second Life has, especially for the Oculus Rift.

Drax Files about me and 1920s Berlin, to give you a taste of what Second Life has to offer besides all the icky stuff the press always seems to be obsessed with;


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