Kids day in 1920s Berlin


The 1920s Berlin Project is a historically themed Roleplay sim with lots of possibilities for Kids.

Because we’re celebrating our 4th anniversary this weekend, we’re organising a special Kids’ day!

On June the 2nd we will be organising special events for our young visitors, come along, bring your pals!
And if you are not a kid, why not try being one?
There will be FREE kids outfits provided for boys and girls. There will also be many more 1920s clothes for kids and skins for everyone to try!

The schedule for this day is as follows;

12 pm (noon): School at Rykestrasse!
Come have a look at the brand new synagoge across the street, put on your best 1920s clothes and pose for a school photo!
1 pm: Foot race trough the city!
2 pm: Happy Hour at the bar, kids are welcome to sit quietly in the corner and enjoy milk while they giggle at the adults getting drunk and dancing the crazy charleston.
3 pm: Playtime in the park, wear a fun (1920s) costume and win a 500 Linden!
4 pm: Play Tag, run around screaming, having fun and avoiding the grumpy police man!

And don’t forget to join the Special Berlin Kids group;
(say in public chat and click or just search for 1920s Berlin Kids)

And check out our Special Berlin Kids photo group;

Here on our website you can find more information and other links as well;

And join us on facebook;

Hope to see you in Berlin during the Kid’s days and after!

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