Rod Humble’s avatar visits 1920s Berlin


During our daily happy hour in a dirty old backstreet ‘Tanzlokal’ called “Der Keller”, Rod Humble’s avatar walked in and joined the locals for a drink, dance and chat.

Our bar is (infamous) for its dirty glasses, smelly old cat and lukewarm beer, but Herr Humble didn’t seem to mind.

As 1920s music streamed from the loudspeaker on the wall, he walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Luckily our sim’s police officer did not notice his clothing and didn’t fine him for not wearing 1920s clothes 😉

I had invited Herr Humble for a free tour of the sim a while back and was told he would be dropping in today.
It was great to finally meet his avatar in person.

The welcoming community of 1920s Berlin was very excited to have him as a guest and we all hope his avatar will come more often.


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