State of Tier


The 1920s Berlin Project has reached an unbelievable and rare milepost in its existence; We have so many supporters that they alone take care of the sims tier!
Of course Berlin has other expenses beside the tier such as subscriptions for our rent and mailing-list systems, servers, websites, buying things and tools to make Berlin better, etc.
But we also like to keep a reserve for emergencies, improvements and future projects.
And Berlin doing well also gives us an excuse to spend more time working on it in stead of our RL jobs 😉

We owe our supporters so much, right now we also owe them our peace of mind.
Berlin has almost always been able to look after itself and now we know that even if lots of tenants left, we will probably still be able to keep going with the supporters alone.
A very rare luxury in Second Life indeed!

This will change a few things, from now on the donation meters will have less importance in the sim.
We no longer need the donations, but of course will still welcome them 😉
The weekly donation hours will no longer be about you giving us donations, but  about us giving you freebies!
We will remove one or two of the donation meters and will make sure that people who donate do this to show their appreciation for the sim, not just to help us pay the tier.

Thanks to our supporters, tenants and tourists, Berlin is doing better then ever before.
Enabling us to invest more into improving the sim, spend (even) more time on running the sim, help the Vintage Retro sim do well and start thinking about future sims like London 1940, The Hindenburg… or one of the other 3840342988383 ideas we have for Time Travel sims!

The future looks bright my fellow time travelers and we owe it all to you!

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  1. This really brought a smile!  It’s nice to be a part of something that works so darned well!


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