Newspaper Service comes to Berlin


From now on, everyone visiting Berlin can read the latest news as it happens, day by day… the news from 1929!

I have created 1 prim landimpact mesh newspaper (an exact replica of a German 1929 newspaper) that, when you click it, sends you a notecard with the 1929 news of that day!

But not only will it tell you what was happening in the world 84 years ago but it will also tell you about what is happening in our sim, who is getting married, new laws, anniversaries, etc, etc.

To get the news for free, simply find your way to the News Kiosk on Alexanderplatz and find the Berliner Post board.

The newspaper of that day has been pinned on the board and if you click it, the latest news is send to you.

But when you want the newest notecard delivered to your house (in Berlin) every single day, simply pay a one time fee at the subscription poster.

These newspapers are already bringing a lot of extra role play to Berlin, enticing people to discuss the world news of 1929 while having a drink at the bar.

And of course it is also teaching a lot of people plenty of history!


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