Trouble with Mesh?


More and more stuff and even entire buildings in Berlin are being ‘meshed’, it makes the city look better, more realistic and eventually also less laggy.

But if your settings are not up to scratch, you may miss out and see Mesh not the way you should or entire buildings may even disappear!

Unfortunately the SL viewers don’t help us out by giving us the best settings automatically, so you have to go and tweak it yourself.

This is annoying and stupid, but that is just the way it is.

The same goes for sculpties, the standard SL viewer settings have the LOD factor set to 3, that means that when you zoom out a bit, sculpties lose their shape and start looking weird.
So you need to change this to 4 to see sculpties normally.
Annoying, but you may have received dozens of notecards with every sculpty object you buy that tell you to change your LOD.

With Mesh we have the same issue, so make sure you set your Objects & Sculpts LOD to the maximum setting of 4, you can easily do this without your SL experience suffering.
To do this click preferences>graphics>general.

But to stop Mesh from mysteriously vanishing you need to do the following;

-Click ctrl+D to add the ‘advanced’ tab to the options at the top of your screen.
-Click ‘show debug settings’
-In the Debug Settings look for ‘MeshMaxConcurrentRequests’ and change the value to 128, this will not have an impact on how SL will work for you but it will make mesh look better.

This all should prepare your viewer for full Mesh enjoyment.

But if you still have problems with the mesh, feel free to ask.

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