“She makes hungry where most she satisfies…”


Plutarch tells us that Caesar’s war in Egypt was unnecessary, but provoked by his unquenchable desire for Cleopatra. God only knows what would have happened if old Julius had wandered into the Eldorado last night to witness Frl Morales’s Egyptian themed gyrations. The sight of our brazen hostess moving sinuously to a throbbing beat, naked to the waist and flaunting the most attractive asp in Berlin, would no doubt have inspired him to feats that would have left Alexander the Great retitled Alexander the Quite Good and left our dear Sonatta as Queen of the Known World.

This was another superb show from our Queen of Berlin, with a stage set of wonderful ingenuity. By the time the lady had vanished into a large sarcophagus, leaving the audience blinking in amazement, one was left reflecting on how different one’s school days might have been if history had been taught like this back in the day. As Shakespeare had it, “She makes hungry where most she satisfies.”

Able support was given, as usual, by the splendid Herr Byron, who entertained us yet again with his seemingly endless supply of vintage discs. The Eldorado…it’s what Saturdays were made for!

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  1. Dear Zeno it was a pleasure to perform for you and I wish you were still around, I miss our long chats about life and weird things, you were such an intelligent and witty man. I hope you’re in a beautiful sunny place now, enjoying a glass of good Chianti and watching the girls pass by. ♥

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