Burlesque at the Odeon


Tonight, Saturday 1st September, saw the much awaited debut in Berlin of Herr Scott Rabeni’s burlesque troupe, and the large and expectant audience who gathered at the Odeon Theatre on Unter den Linden were not to be disappointed!

As the curtain drew back for the first number, the visually stunning stage setting drew gasps and huge applause from the assembled Berliners, and one wondered if the standard could be maintained for the duration of the show. But each succeeding number equalled or surpassed its predecessor, culminating in a wonderful finale which will live in the memory for some time to come.

The choice of music was excellent; the dancing, by Frl Maxine Segall and Frau Cleo Rabeni, superb; the costumes dazzling. And watching over it all was the provider of the feast, Herr Scott Rabeni.

The show rattled along at a rare old pace, leaving the wildly applauding audience hungry for more. Berlin loved them, and the good news is that we have Herr Rabeni’s assurance that we have not seen the last of these excellent performers.

Watch this space!

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