New weekly event; Tea Dance at the Hotel Adlon


From now on there will be a new weekly event in the 1920s Berlin Project sim.

Every Saturday at 11am PDT Clarrington Enterprises will host a 11 Uhr Tee.

11 uhr tee is based on what Germans called 5 uhr tee; 5 o’clock tea.

It is more like a tea dance, or thé dansant then like High Tea.

A thé dansant is an afternoon or early evening gathering where you would have a light snack, something to drink and then dance.
Generally something for the upper classes, it soon became extremely popular for everyone.
In Germany, countless people would visit local restaurants, bars and clubs in their best clothes for a drink, dance and chat.

A band would play the latest hits and it would be quite a fun event.
But it was not like the evening entertainment, even though it sounds like it.
Because 5 uhr tee was in the afternoon, it would often mean there were people of all ages there, it was in public and generally had a more proper feel to it.
You wouldn’t go mad and do the charleston half naked, stoned out of your mind while trying to seduce some men in the Adlon mirror room if your grandparents were dancing next to you and in stead of your local flapper friends you were surrounded by people like the post office clerk, teachers, shopkeepers, etc.
The 5 uhr tee became very popular, if you google it you can find lots of stunning covers of music sheets that people bought to play the 5 uhr tee music hits at home.
It was a perfect excuse to go out before dinner, you could bring anyone because afterwards you would go eat and spend the evening at home or go to bed.
Unlike with the regular night life when you would go out much later and end up surrounded by a younger crowd of people being less interested in just a nice dance and more interested in wild mad shocking fun.
So, from now on, you can put a nice dress or suit on and join us every Saturday at 11 am PDT in the Hotel Adlon Mirror Room.
Most weekends Herr Clarrington will take care of the catering, donations are welcome for his effort but also for causes such as the Church Roof that needs constant maintenance.
At noon the Tea Dance will end and you’ll be welcome to visit the Volksbad for a dip in the pool, a wash in the bath cabins or to relax in the steam room.
You will need it as at 2pm the infamous Eldorado will open her doors for some superb cabaret!

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