The Flapperettes triumph at The Odeon!


Who in the large audience at The Odeon Theatre tonight would have believed that what they witnessed was only the third performance of the dance troupe who have rapidly become the talk of the town? The Flapperettes produced four numbers of great style, poise, grace and, of course, the beauty that has the young bucks of the city lurking at the stage door with gifts of flowers and chocolate and invitations to take a ride in their shiny new Dixis.

Their numbers ranged from contemporary ’20s to exotic belly dancing, and a highlight in a show full of highlights was a routine backed by that Berlin favourite ‘Masculine Women and Feminine Men’ which saw the girls don evening dress and top hats – except that when our esteemed President von Hindenberg goes out to the theatre, he doesn’t usually accompany such garb with black silk stockings and heels – at least not that we know of. Nice try girls, but there was no disguising the femininity of the Flapperettes!

After the performance was finished, Herr Oskar Edenbaum gave a moving speech for Verfassungstag. Moving as it was, with it’s exhortation for us to honour those who fought and suffered in the Great War, I’ll wager that the majority of the audience still had their minds firmly on Frl Sasa, Frl Tequila, Frau Dora and Frl Luzie…

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