New movie in 1920s Berlin; Pandora’s Box with Louise Brooks


A new movie is now playing at the Asta cinema on Unter den Linden.

The very new and exciting ‘Die Büchse der Pandora’ (Pandora’s Box) with the young but promising actress Louise Brooks who’s hairstyle has inspired thousands of women all over the world.

Pandora’s Box (German: Die Büchse der Pandora) is a 1929 German silent melodrama film based on Frank Wedekind’s plays Erdgeist (Earth Spirit, 1895) and Die Büchse der Pandora (1904).
Directed by Austrian filmmaker Georg Wilhelm Pabst, the film stars Louise Brooks, Fritz Kortner, and Francis Lederer.
Brooks’ portrayal of a seductive, thoughtless young woman whose raw sexuality and uninhibited nature bring ruin to herself and those who love her, although initially unappreciated, eventually made the actress a star.

If the movie doesn’t work very well in Second Life or if you crash, you can also watch it online here;

And because we are now using a new way of showing movies in Berlin, here are some instructions;

We use “shared media” on a prim.

Sadly this option ONLY works with viewers from the second generation or more recent.

Click the movie screen to start your movie, this will now play a youtube video on the screen.
If it is too laggy for you or if you can’t finish the movie, you can get the url of the video from our cinema signs so you can watch it on your computer on another time.

When you hover your mouse over the screen you see a little toolbar floating above it.
It has a few handy options you can experiment with, such as opening the video in your regular browser.

If you click the screen once, the youtube bar appears at the bottom, this is very handy of you want to watch this movie together with a friend in the cinema or if someone comes in late and wants to join in.
Simply click the screen and tell your friend where in the movie you are, you see the time in the youtube navigation bar.
By clicking the bar you can move forward or backwards in the movie so you can be sure you’re both watching the same.
This is also very handy if you want to pick up where you left of after you’ve crashed or had to go to RL for a moment.

Please remember to pause the movie when you’re done watching it, or you will hear the music wherever you go in Berlin.
If you still can’t get the movie to play, here are a few things you can look at that may fix your problems;

More background information on the “Shared media” feature here;

Check your media settings;
Click at the top of your screen;
Avatar>preferences>Sound & Media
And then select ‘enabled’ behind the ‘Media’ slider.

If all fails, make sure you have the latest flash and video player software updates for your computer.
And that Javascripts are turned on.

Enjoy the movie!

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