1920s Berlin sponsors RL memorial to one little Jewish girl


Some time ago we started the Stolperstein appeal, we asked the visitors of our 1920s Berlin Project sim to help us collect enough money to have a small memorial stone placed in real Berlin.
You can read more about it HERE.

The Stolperstein project is a very nice initiative by artist Herr Demnig who personally creates and places these “stumbling blocks”, small  brass stones installed in the pavement outside where victims of the Nazi’s once lived.

Because he does all this in person, it takes a long time for stones to be placed, sometimes a year, sometimes longer.

We achieved our goal within two weeks and ‘ordered’ “our” stolperstein right away.

One of the things we then had to do is pick a victim for who we wanted our stone, not an easy task.

Luckily the Stolperstein people were willing to help us and made some suggestions.

I decided to pick a Jewish child, one who once lived in a street we also have in our sim today and after some correspondence between me and the Landesarchiv Berlin, we put together a bit of information.

The girl for who we will be installing a RL Stolperstein in RL Berlin is Rosa Bleiberg.

Her parents came from Poland, perhaps already trying to escape the growing anti-Semitism Jews suffered in that region back then.

Her parents, Leiser Bleiberg and Feruda Warenhaupt were both in their 20s when Rosa was born on the sixth of january 1926.

For some time they lived at Rykestrasse 52, in our sim that is the street with school en future synagogue.

At the time of our sim she is a 3 year old girl, being carried around by her parents.

She was put on a train to Auschwitz on the 3rd of march 1943 where she was murdered.

Unfortunately this is all the information we have on her and her parents.

Just a small family from Poland who almost disappeared amongst the millions of names of those who died.

We will keep looking and if we find something we’ll let you know, if you find something about her, share it.


Unfortunately there is no news yet on when ‘our’ stone will be placed in RL Berlin, but we knew it could take more then a year before the artist has time to make and install the stone.

Nevertheless we hope to eventually start another Stolpersteine appeal next year so we can have a stone installed every year.


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  1. Rosa’s birthday — the 6th of January — is my RL birthday.

    It is also the Feast of the Epiphany in the Catholic Church, commemorating the visit of the Three Kings to Bethlehem. This is also the day in the Orthodox Christian calendar that celebrates Christmas.

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