Only a bird in a gilded cage?


The artist in her gilded cage

Saturday night sybarites were treated to a wonderful evening at the Eldorado as our beloved Frl Morales donned some spectacular plumage and danced her audience into a frenzy. She certainly set the tom cats in the crowd ‘s mouths watering as she sashayed out from her birdcage clad in little more than a feathery assemblage that may have been short on coverage but which will live long in the memory. Only a bird in a gilded cage? Hardly! Since when has Frl Morales been ‘only’ anything?

Tunes were courtesy of the inestimable Herr Byron, who just seems to get better and better each time he graces us with his presence. Max was, as usual, on Piano, and dressed tonight like a cross between Sally Bowles and Anne Boleyn. Poor Anne lost her head, of course. Max’s continues to give the impression that it is not his head that needs chopping off, but another member entirely if his randiness is to be bridled. But then if it were not for Max. the Polizei of Berlin would have no sex lives whatsoever!

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